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Date archives June 2013

Online Marketing

Make The Most Of Your Adwords Free Credit

This is really geared towards people using adwords for the first time. However, people looking to cut down their ad spending might benefit from this information as well. Basically, it’s just information on how to target your ads in the best way possible to make the most of your adwords account balance.

If you don’t have an adwords account yet, Google has been nice enough to send out some promotional codes which will give you $50 to play with when you create a new account. I’ve heard of promotional codes out there for up to $200, but have yet to see them myself. If you don’t have a promotional code try looking around on Google, sometimes people post them up on forums. If you don’t have any luck finding one for free, head over to eBay where you can usually pick one up for a few bucks.

Once you’ve got your account setup with your promotional code you will have a balance of $50 to spend on PPC ads. The biggest mistake people make that are new to PPC is to bid on some big generic terms relating to their business and blow through all 50 bucks in one day with nothing left to show for it. After that, people usually vow adwords sucks and either keep throwing money at it hoping to make money back or walk away from it, losing a powerful sales funnel for their business.

This is what I feel is the best way to stretch out your traffic at first.

Let’s pretend you are Joe and your company sells exercise balls. You know, those giant inflatable balls for yoga, which are good for sitting on at your desk, or throwing at unsuspecting friends. Let’s say you have setup with 10 different colors of yoga balls for sale.

Instead of going to adwords and bidding on “Yoga Balls”, which seems like the most logical thing to do for a first timer, you should try to be as specific (aka targeted) as possible with your terms. Let’s start with something more specific; a color. So bidding on “Orange Yoga Balls” would be even more specific and is a good start especially if you are on a tight budget. You only have 50 bucks so to make it even more targeted, you could bid on “Buy Orange Yoga Balls”. The reasoning behind this, is the person searching for that is more likely to be ready to buy something right now. You could even go one step further and bid on “Buy Orange Yoga Ball Online” so you’re pre-qualifying that the person isn’t looking to buy one locally, but wants to buy one online.

From there you could bid on a couple of variations such as; “Where to buy orange yoga balls online”, “who sells orange yoga balls online”, etc. Now you’re cooking! You can go back and make a separate ad group in google for each color and do the same thing for every color yoga ball that you sell.

Now this next part is important, it’s called a matching type. This is where those new to google adwords often get killed, so pay attention. You have the following types of keyword matching:

Broad Match – Google takes your keyword and shows your ads for a bunch of variations of your keyword. This can spew out some crazy stuff and is best not to use until you have some cash to play with for a budget. I believe google sets this as the default match type.

Phrase Match – This takes your keyword and will show it if people search for it in a phrase. So for example if your keyword is “Yoga Ball”, if someone searches for “Yoga Ball Videos”, your ad could appear since “Yoga Ball” is within their search string. Phrase Match is good if you’re specific with your keywords and it helps you find new keywords you haven’t thought of before.

Exact Match – This is what you want to use starting out with adwords. This means your ads will only be displayed if someone searches exactly for your keyword. So if you’re bidding on “Orange Yoga Balls” it will ONLY appear if someone searches for “Orange Yoga Balls”. This is your best bet because you can control exactly when your ads are shown. You won’t end up with random irrelevant searches, because it’s only going to show ads on exactly what you have bid on.

So make sure that you’re using exact match on your keywords. If you don’t know how to do this, let me know and I can do a more detailed post on where all the adwords settings are.

Using the above technique you can expect to make your budget last a bit longer, however, don’t expect a deluge of traffic since chances are not many people are searching for “Buy Orange Yoga Ball Online” every day. However, you can be sure that the people who click it are people who will have the best chance of purchasing something from you. Once you get more comfortable with adwords you can start expanding out your keywords, trying different match types and really digging into everything that it has to offer.