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Startup Accelerators

YCombinator S2005 Startups

ClickFacts ClickFacts is a Malware solution provider for buyers and sellers of online media.  They offer you the ability to protect your company’s reputation, as some advertisers don’t monitor as they should and allow malware through to be displayed on YOUR site. They will monitor, track and make recommendations for the ads you are serving.


RIP  Kiko was a web calendar for anyone who wanted to keep and share a calendar online.  It had all the features you needed, events, reminders, tasks, as well as some other unique features.  (No longer exists)



RIP   Loopt was a social service which connected people to their community. Like so many other social sites, this one too did not last long. (No longer exists)



reddit  Reddit is a social news website that was launched in 2005. They display news based on your personal preferences and community likes. The most popular news is always on top, so you don’t need to worry about reading “fluff”.



textpayme  TextPayMe was an SMS payment service which allowed you to send money to other people by sending them a simple text message from your phone. They were founded in 2005, and later on were bought out by Amazon Payments.

Startup Accelerators

YCombinator W2006 Startups

clustix  Clustrix is a service which offers NewSQL with absolutely no limits. They are specifically tailoring their service to developers and websites that need high performance with multiple and massive transaction or request volumes.  They also offer you real-time monitoring and stats, so you always know what’s going on with your database.



RIP  Flagr was a service which enabled users to share places. It allowed people to add photos, video and descriptions from their mobile phone while they were traveling. (Site no longer exists)



inklingmarkets   Inkling provides a robust platform for companies to be able to run their own internal or external prediction marketplaces. It’s a data crunching machine. You input the data and Inkling does the rest.  You can monitor things like productivity, sick time, vacations, and overall costs over time.



snipshot Snipshot is an online photo editing website that allows you to start editing any photo with one click of “bookmarklet”. You can add special effects, crop, rotate, and change colors for any photo you upload quickly and easily. While it isn’t free, their prices are affordable.



wufoo  Wufoo offers a unique, feature rich HTML form builder which helps users to create online web forms. You can use their web form creator to power your contact forms, online surveys, and event registrations. They have a free version available, but their premium services offer more.



RIP  YouOS offered a platform for developers to be able to create and distribute applications that live in a “browser-based” desktop environment. The website no longer exists.

Startup Accelerators

YCombinator S2006 Startups

RIP  JamGlue was an online community where you could listen to or mix music from your own personal library, or from user-contributed music. (Site no longer exists.)



RIP  JumpChat was a platform which aimed to bridge mobile text messages, e-mail and IM communication without needing to download anything. Users were able to send mass messages to any medium and JumpChat would send it to the proper platform the receiver signed up with. (No longer exists)



RIP  LikeBetter was an online personality test game. You would look at two photos and choose the one you “like better”. You would then after a series of these questions have your personality revealed to you, and see what percentage of people chose the same or other photo.  (No longer Exists)



OMGPOP  OMGPOP (formerly known as “iminlikewithyou”) is a developer and publisher of multiplayer, social and mobile games. They have developed games such as “pool”, “draw my thing”, “tonk” and many more. All their games showcased are free to play and download.



RIP  PollGround was a social polling site. They allowed users to quickly and easily create surveys and allow the “wisdom of the crowd” to answer your questions. Questions and comments could be posted anonymously as well. (No longer exists)



scribd  Scribd is a leading social reading and publishing website. They allow users to post anything under the sun from articles, tutorials, reviews, walktrhoughs and more. The cool thing about Scribd is that viewers cannot easily copy your hard work.  Having protected work is only one of the many benefits they offer, check them out to see more.



RIP  Shoutfit was a “fashion related community”. They offered all the same things as any social network, but were focused on the fashion industry, designers, and fashion “aficionados”.   (No longer exists)



RIP  Talkito   was a service which enabled users to meet and chat when they visit the same website. No installation was necessary, and you could chat in real time with any visitor to the same site with a user name or anonymously.   (No longer exists)



RIP  Thinkature was an online environment that allowed users to collaborate on a virtual whiteboard. Users could chat, share pictures, and draw diagrams on a shared whiteboard. (Think Moodle). No longer exists.



Xobni  Xobni (which is really just the word inbox spelled backwards) makes your inbox and address book smarter. It shows you how many contacts you have had with a specific person, allows you to search those contacts, helps filter out spam, helps save messages from spam based on factors you set, and even scrapes the web for their social profiles.

Startup Accelerators

YCombinator W2007 Startups

auctomatic  Actomatic (a YCombinator company) offered an auction and marketplace management system for all individual sellers on sites such as eBay, Amazon, Overstock and others. They aimed to make it easy to manage your multiple stores and items across platforms. They were acquired by Live Current Media.



buxfer  Buxfer offers the next-generation of personal finance management, right from your browser. Track your expenses and income in real time via their website, or while on the go from your mobile phone. They track your information, show trending, and give tips on how you can tighten your belt and save more.



octopart  Ocotpart offers a verticle search engine focused specifically on the automotive industry. They saw a lack of features and search parameters on traditional search engines, and have focused theirs to offer better results by honing in on the industry. They are connecting buyers and sellers of automotive parts one lug nut at a time.



Parakey  Parakey was founded in early 2006 by Blake Ross and Joe Hewitt (of Mozilla/Firefox fame). Parakey offers their users not only the ability to find and search for homes, but to actually COMPARE homes. You can compare things like square footage, interior and exterior features, and even taxes all from the comfort of your home. Once you find a suitable match they will even pair you with an expert realtor to help you through the process.



RIP  Socialmoth was a community to help post your thoughts anonymously, no matter what they may be. Got a conspiracy theory? Post it. Like to wear clown shoes? Post it. Like to feed chocolate pudding and dance with cats? Post it. 100% anonymously. (No longer exists)



tsumbi  Mobile applications have so far been a nightmare to implement. Tsumobi plans to put a change to all that. Nobody knows exactly how though, they are in stealth mode for their BETA. They have an opt-in form on their site so you can keep up to date.



virtualmin  Virtualmin is taking the lack of innovation in server admin programs (like plesk), by making a more accessible version for pages managed by the non-technical crowd. Their aim is to make is fast, easy, and efficient for anyone to manage their servers, even if they aren’t web gurus.  They aim to do this for free, but donations are gladly accepted.



weeblyWeebly is an AJAX website creator that allows you to create a website in no time at all. They have a WYSIWYG editor and pre-designed templates and content widgets that make designing a breeze. Best of all, it’s free to use, and you get your own (dot)weebly domain. So, try your hand at designing a page today. If you decide you like it, plans start at only $10 per month.



RIP  Whitenoise was a social network for the music industry. They had all the bells and whistles and were specifically designed with the music industry in mind. Whether you were a singer, drummer, a band or an agent, you could find people to connect to. (no longer exists)



RIP   Writewith was a collaborative writing web application, which allows you to easily flow through the steps of writing, editing and publishing a document with a group. This was especially targeted to research groups, and even theatre groups. (website no longer exists)

Startup Accelerators

YCombinator S2007 Startups

bountii  Bountii allows users to browse for the best deals on electronics and appliances from all the top brand stores such as, Newegg, CircuitCity, Best Buy, Walmart and Dell.  You simply go to their site, input what you are looking for, add your budget and away you go.  Compare prices, find out who has the best, and go pick it up.



cloudant  Cloudant is the distributed database as a service (DBaas) built from the ground up to deliver fast-growing application data to the edge. They allow developers to focus on building and expanding upon their applications, without needing to worry about scaling and managing ever growing databases on their own.  It was specifically designed to handle concurrent read and writes of JSON, full-text, and geospatial.



disqus  Disqus is the web’s community for communities. They offer beautiful, real-time, and engaging discussions for your website. With just a few quick steps, you can turn your old boring comment system into a new way to engage your visitors.  For example, you can pull comments from ALL the communities involving “celebrities” or “video games” and have it all in one place for your readers.



draftmix  Draftmix offered fantasy sports fans the opportunity to sign up and play pickup games against other players on the site for virtual dollars or for real money. (The site no longer exists)



dropboxDropbox was founded in 2007 by Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi. They offer the world’s leading service for document sharing and storage. You can sync Dropbox directly with your computer and use it like a normal file folder. Anyone else who is sharing that folder will have a similar folder on their desktop and get the files synced in real time as well. offers the one of the easiest ways on the web to create live video and show anyone in the world what is happening right now. makes it fun, easy, and fast to gather and engage with a live audience. With their app, it’s simple point and click and you can share your birthday, a concert or even a football game live.



songkick  Songkick was launched in October 2007 by innovators Ian Hogarth, Michelle You and Pete Smith.  Songkick offers an online database of concerts for music enthusiasts.  You can input your favorite bands, and track when they are going to have concerts next, and where, and even pre-purchase tickets.



splashup  Splashup (formerly known as fauxto) offers an online image editing service that provides users some rather advanced tools for quick and easy image editing right from your browser. While it may not be Photoshop, for most basic editing functions it works rather nicely.  Once you are done editing you can share directly to facebook, picasa, and flickr.

Startup Accelerators

YCombinator W2008 Startups

addmired  Addmired is an up and coming Software Design Company, located in Palo Alto, California which focuses on creating innovate, new and engaging applications and games for users of social networks and mobile devices.  (They were merged with MachineZone and developed the Game of War Saga)



Chatterous Chatterous is a new communications service which aims to allow groups of friends to stay in contact with each other synchronously through any communication channel, be it phone, IM, or e-mail.  It can easily integrate with all existing chat and IM (for example GTalk) so you can keep in touch with people who are only using cell phones for example.



RIPDeluux aimed to become a distributed Facebook, or an inverted Ning, by relocating the center of people’s online identities to their websites, which would exist outside of any social network. This would allow for greater customization. (Interesting idea, however, no longer exists).



fathomdb FathomDB offers databases as a service. They take care of the many day to day tasks that database administrators have to deal with so you can focus more on building your website, expanding your business or other more complex things. They have not launched yet, but have a form you can fill out to be notified when they do.



insoshiInoshi is an open-source networking platform.  Now anyone can quickly and easily create their own social website. Whether you want to make a place for your friends or want to go full blown and rival Facebook, Insoshi has the framework you need to get started.



RIP  Joberator was a service designed to help employers find developer talent by encouraging computer science students to refer their developer friends. The site and service no longer exist. (It was a Facebook application)



RIP  MightyQuiz powered a collection of user generated quiz questions that can be rated on the site, or shared through a distributable widget on their own blogs, websites, or social profiles. MightyQuiz is no more, the website and service no longer exist.



ninite  Ninite is the easiest, quickest way to update or install software. This tiny program will download and install programs automatically in the background, while you continue on other tasks.  Currently it supports about 100 applications (like instant messengers and updates) but they are always adding more to their selection all the time.



rescuetime RescueTime is an innovative web-based application that is a robust time management tool. It will help keep track of what you do and for how long you do it for when you are on your computer.    It will monitor everything in the background and give you a detailed report, and even add suggestions on how you can better manage your time.



webmynd  Webmynd has now joined forces with to help make it fast and easy to create extensions for browsers and mobile apps. By helping to utilize one codebase you will find you can design and launch new extensions and apps in no time at all. You can literally create and launch and extension or application in half the time it normally takes.



yumdots  Yumdots was supposed to be the “go-to” mobile application for finding places to eat when you are out on the town. The website and service no longer exists, and even redirects to a virus….

Startup Accelerators

YCombinator S2008 Startups

anyvite  Anyvite is a free site which allows anyone to quickly and easily create event invitations. Whether it’s for a school event, charity ball, sporting event or even a birthday party, Anyvite will allow you to make an amazing, eye-catching invitation in no time at all. Best of all, it’s always FREE.



co2stats  CO2Stats aims to help website owners to understand the electricity usage and related carbon emissions associated with their site usage. They then help site owners to better manage their carbon footprint. Everyone likes helping the environment, now you can proudly show off that your site is “green”.



contestmachine  ContestMachine is a unique web service that allows users to make and run web promotions from any website a breeze. Increase customer loyalty, get some more social traction, and get your site noticed with monthly giveaways. Starting at just $10 a month, it really is a good deal.


frogmetrics  Frogmetrics offered touchscreen platforms for effortless data collection. What better way to collect data than to have touchscreens to make for more engaging experience.  (Site is currently down for maintenance.)



RIP  ididwork was an online tool that allowed employees to keep track of the work that they do over time. (Website no longer exists)



RIP  MeetCast was a browser-based software which provided a host of features which were critical to having effective real-time interaction. These features included document sharing, interactive whiteboad, real-time text editing and screensharing. (No longer exists)


polleverywhere  PollEverywhere aims to be the best way to create stylish, real-time experiences for events by using mobile devices.  Quickly and easily create polls which users can participate in by sending a quick text message directly from their phone. You will see the results in real time, and be able to give your users the satisfaction of having a say.



RIP  Scoopler was a real-time music search engine which scoured the web to help bring together music lovers with their favorite music quickly and easily. (No longer exists).



startuply  Startuply is a service which connects startup companies to people looking for jobs in startup companies. You can find jobs at the world’s best angel and venture- backed web, media, and technology companies. Got a startup? Post a job. Looking to work for a startup? Apply now!

Startup Accelerators

YCombinator W2009 Startups

adioso  Adioso is a better search and booking app which caters to those users who are looking for leisure travel.  They claim to be the most flexible search around, while not compromising quality of the travel arrangements.  Search in style!



airbnb  AirBnB was founded in August of 2008 and is based in San Francisco California. AirBnB is an upcoming trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique spaces for their leisure travel around the world. You can book online, or from a mobile phone.



echodio  Echodio (now known as RealNetworks) was an easy way to keep your iTunes libraries in sync, securely backed up, and able to be streamed from anywhere. However, now their focus on on sharing videos.



foodoro  Foodoro is a new marketplace that allows users to buy specialty and gourmet foods directly from artisanal food makers and chefs. Some of them offer a delivery option, but all of them do offer a pickup option. You can browse and order directly from your phone on the go.



heyzap  HeyZap is a social discovery platform for mobile games. Users can play and discover thousands of mobile and mobile social games, and connect with an ever growing base of mobile gamers. Instantly compete with people all over the world in real-time on some of your favorite games.



picurio  Picurio is a web-based photo sharing and photo management software. Easily upload and share your photos and touch them up, add themes, text etc with this easy to use tool. Create albums and organize your photos quickly and easily, then share those albums directly to your favorite social networks.



RIP  Pocketfungames was a game developer for the iPhone which focused on games with strong social components. (No longer in business)



skysheet  Skysheet is a web-based spreadsheet which has been in stealth mode and in development since March of 2009. While they are currently taking inquiries, we are not sure if this one is going to launch or not.



thesixtyone  TheSixtyOne is a Digg-like platform for new music. New artists can submit their music and listeners decide which music rises to the top and which music stays in the garage. Listeners can help sift through the Tsunami of new music everyday by reading user reviews and decide what to listen to.



RIP  Voxli offered a browser-based group voice chat designed specifically for gamers and teams. (No longer Exists)



wattvision Wattvision offers a simple and unique idea. They offer a solution to help monitor and manage your energy consumption in real-time right from the web. Simply set it up, and you can track your energy usage in real time, and find ways you can save on your energy bill, or find inefficient appliances to replace them.

Startup Accelerators

YCombinator S2009 Startups

bump  Bump Technologies helps to build mobile applications. Their current project lets you quickly and easily transfer files from your computer to your phone, and vice versa. You simply select the files you want to transfer, “bump” your device on the spacebar and PRESTO! Files transferred.



carwoo  CarWoo! Is an up and coming new-car buying service and market place.  They offer you a quick and easy way to get all the best price deals guaranteed, without needing to visit all the dealers in person. Just enter your location, budget, kind of car, and CarWoo! will start sending deals directly to you.



directededge Directed Edge delivers an Amazon-like service which integrates into your site and allows users to get recommendations on other items people have bought from your site. Some example messages are “People who bought this also bought…” and “We think you’d also like…”. It extrapolates all purchase data so you can see histories and trends as well.



fanchatterFanChatter offers a mobile and social fan engagement solution. Their goal is to help sports franchises and other businesses create real-time content sharing for their fan base and increase their profits. Their clients say they have a higher retention rate and better sales since using the service.



highlightcam  HighlightCam offers you the ability to create amazing movies right from your iOS or Android device quickly, easily, and automatically.  They allow you to take clips, and the app will automatically select the best parts and splice them together so you don’t have to. You can then easily share your creations to youtube, facebook, twitter and more.



instantq InstantQ was a service which allowed restaurants to fill tables by varying their prices to increase demand. (The website no longer exists)




JobSpice  JobSpice is an innovative, easy to use online tool which helps you to create your resume in no time at all. You simply sign up, plug in your data, and you can have a professional looking resume in no time at all. You can also import your linkedIn account and have an “instant” resume without needing to enter anything else.



listia  Listia is a service which launched in August of 2009 which is the “eBay” for free stuff. If you have stuff lying around you don’t use, you can get rid of it and earn credits which can then be used to get other great stuff. You get 1,000 credits for free when you sign up using your Facebook account.



lockitron  Lockitron is a new service that has designed an application which allows                for keyless entry to your home using your phone. When you download the app you can have peace of mind that you will never need to worry about locking your door again. You can lock and unlock your door from anywhere in the world. Arms full of groceries? Double tap the app and stop fumbling for keys.



meetingmix MeetingMix was an innovative tool to save time when it comes to writing your agenda and minutes. (Site no longer exists).



mixpanel Mixpanel is a new, robust advanced analytics service that helps to improve web and mobile applications by tracking how users interact and engage with them.  You’ll be able to see in real-time how your users interact and see which areas you need to improve in. Some of their current clients include: HipMunk,, TaskRabbit, AirBnB, and Jawbone.



olark  Olark is a lightweight tool to chat with visitors to your website, which you can integrate with your existing instant messaging client. You can have LiveChat across multiple sites at the same time, and can even use your cell phone to pick up chats on the go. Some current clients include: HipMunk, 99Designs, KnowledgeTree, Squarespace, Disqus, and Flor.



renthop  RentHop is a new search service, which allows you to browse NYC apartments by Listings and Location. You can find apartments online, and even get in touch with Landlords directly if you have any questions. Narrow your search by square footage, price, and more.



rethinkdb RethinkDB is an open-source distributed database built with you in mind. It is designed to be extremely fast, and implements powerful features which make cumbersome and inefficient rotational storage a breeze.



RIP  Tuxebo was a service that helped to connect people looking for things to rent, with local rental companies.                 (No longer exists).



RIP  WakeMate was a maker of personalized alarm clocks which sync with a user’s body and cell phone, enabling the iPhone alarm system to sound at the end of a REM cycle. (No longer exists)



wepay  WePay is an online payment distribution service which helps small businesses and crowd funding platforms collect payments quickly and easily. You can be up and running within minutes and start taking credit cards and bank payments almost instantly.

Startup Accelerators

YCombinator W2010 Startups

RIP  InboxQ was a browser extension that helped to deliver a a persistent stream of questions from Twitter directly to you while you are browsing. (No longer exists)



RIP    Browsarity was a browser application that helped allow its users to donate to charity while shopping online. (The website was taken over by a Japanese Real Estate Company)




chroma  ChromaOm wants to help the entire world find their color enlightenment. They believe that choosing a color shouldn’t be a “black and white” process, and that just about anyone can discover their own personal color enlightenment from within themselves.



crocodoc   Crocodoc is the trusted leader when it comes to HTML5 document viewing.  This tool allows you to embed documents right into your web or mobile application. You simply upload your document (Microsoft office or PDF) and crocodoc gets to work and converts it to HTML 5 on the fly.



cue   Cue is an innovative application you can download to your phone that lets you schedule your day with little reminders and a scrollable list of everything you have on the go. It was inspired by cue cards and this app is just as easy to use.



Embedly   Embedly is a robust, feature rich platform of tools which help to make embedding and previewing links easy, efficient, and fast.  It is the easiest way for you to embed photos, videos and other rich media directly into websites. It also has a built in extractor to make it easier to extract items to embed.



RIP    Embedster was a new tool that allowed bloggers to quickly and easily serve an ad for any Youtube they would display on their site. (The site no longer exists)



Fabricly                Fabricly is a site where designers can sell directly to the public. It is an excellent way for aspiring designers to get their designs out there. Whether you are just starting out as a designer or you’re already selling online, Fabricly will help you get the exposure your designs deserve.



RIP  Gamador wasa social game developer which released three games before closing its doors for good.  (They designed and developed Farkle 2)



infoharmoni Infoharmoni was a data visualization startup founded by Kovas Boguta. It was meant to help you organize your data in a better way. (Website no longer exists)



launchhear  LaunchHear is an innovative way to bloggers to get early review copies of hot new products.  If you have a popular blog, and lots of reach, you can sign up and apply to get some of the hottest new games, movies, books, and toys before they are released to the public so you can write a review on them.



nowbox  NowMov (known as NowBox) was an endless stream of videos recommended to users based on their interests, what their friends were watching, and what is trending around the globe. They are shutting down to pursue other opportunities.



optimizelu   Optimizely is a simple, fast and powerful split testing system you can use to do split A/B testing of landing pages and website designs to see which ones convert more, or are better for your users. You will be able to see in real time which design/landing page works the best, and which you can discard.



ownlocal  OwnLocal (previous known as Seeing Interactive) provides web-based software to local newspapers and gives them a white-label service to help them sell online ads and services to local businesses.  They aim to help increase profits and exposure by bringing offline print online opportunities.



homejoy  Pathjoy offers professional cleaning service for just $20 an hour. They will do all the things most cleaning companies won’t such as cabinets, walls, cupboards, ovens and refrigerators. All their staff are bonded and insured and their clients are always sparkly and happy.



RIP    Tweetflow was a service that was meant to be intertwined with twitter to help you keep on top of all your favorite things. (Website no longer exists)



zenedy    Zenedy is a new site that proposes to help you learn something new every day. They have new articles written daily about topics discovered from all over the web. Everything from science, politics, nature or any other topic can be found here.



140fire    140Fire is a new platform which aims to make online video ads interactive.  They make video ads which engage the user and have higher conversions than normal ads. For example, they have a Burger King ad at the end where it asks your favorite Burger and invites you to find the Burger King closest to you.



500Friends  500Friends provides retailers a valuable loyalty platform to help acquire and retain high value consumers.  They guide retailers through all the steps to making memorable, profitable, and unique loyalty programs.