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Startup Accelerators

YCombinator S2010 Startups

aerofsAeroFS is a new program which allows users to manage and store their files and data in the cloud. A service sort of like DropBox. Unlike DropBox though, AeroFS allows for file encryption.



AnyLeafAnyLeaf is a new service which is offering its users a way to find “unbeatable deals” on local groceries.  They feature stores such as Safeway and Smart and Final. Deals listed have a price, location, and when the deal expires.



RIPBrushes was a painting app which was designed exclusively for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users. The site no longer exists, and there is no sign of the app. (RIP) is a robust, feature rich service which allows businesses to analyze and track their critical data. This tool will help keep all information in the same place, and even interpret data so you don’t have to. Everything from sales, growth and even product trending, has it all.



crowdboosterCrowdbooster is proud to offer the world’s first intelligent social media dashboard which is designed to help businesses grow and manage their presence online. You pop in your social media pages and Crowdbooster will provide real-time analytics, and even offer you plans of action on how you can increase your reach.



dotcloudDotCloud is a 2nd generation plat-form-as-a-service and allows developers to create and host versatile web applications for as low as $4.32 per month.  All you need to worry about is designing your app, uploading it to the cloud, and they take care of the rest.



elacarteE la Carte is an interesting new concept that develops built in tablets for restaurant tables so that patrons can order, play games and even pay for their meals right from their seats.  They are really revolutionizing the way restaurants work.



futurevisorFutureAdvisor is a new company which offers investment management services. Their motto is that “your future does not need to be difficult or expensive”. They will help manage your portfolio in real time and give advice on entry and exit points.



tomsplannerGantto is a new tool (recently acquired by TomsPlanner) to be a project management platform to help keep your projects on task and on time.  With an efficient and easy to use interface, you will wonder how you ever got along without them.



ginzametricGinzametrics aims to help make enterprise SEO simple and easy to manage.  They offer tools that will let you keep track of your SEO efforts and see where you rank in comparison to your competitors. Track keywords, links in and out, comments and more all from the same dashboard.



hackerschoolHacker School is a full time school course located in New York which lasts three months with the aim of making you a better programmer. They provide the space, structure, time to focus and a friendly community of smart builders dedicated to self-improvement.  You provide the beer.



hipmunkHipmunk is a new travel search site with the goal of trying to take the agony out of travel planning.  They offer searches which include just the flight information, flight and hotel, or flight and hotel and car arrangements. They want to make your trip as easy as possible.



inDineroIndinero provides a one stop shop for accounting, taxes and payroll. InDinero strives to be the only thing your company needs when it comes to accounting.  They not only do all this for you, but keep real-time reports to help you keep track at a glance.



RIPKoduco was a company that made iPad games which focused on multi-player collaboration on the same device.  Their website no longer exists, and no indication of where they went.   (Now gone. RIP)



LeftTronicLeftronic is a T Combinator-funded company which develops a web-based real-time dashboard application for monitoring the pulse of a company. Everything from finances, to sales, to client trending, current debt and employee expenditure.



messagepartyMessageParty allows you to blog directly from your phone about the places you go, what you do, and who you meet.  Download the app, and away you go! (They are currently revamping their service and the site redirects to their blog for updates.)



ohlifeOhlife is a place where you can write in private about your life, like an online diary. They send you an e-mail once a day asking how your day went, you reply, and BINGO it gets uploaded to the site where you can easily see your past entries.



opziOpzi used to be focused on creating software to make corporate knowledge more accessible, however they have recently changed directions.  They now develop a mobile casino application. They claim to be “the best” mobile casino out there.



pagerdutyPagerDuty is an alarm dispatching service for system administrators and support teams.  You can send your team an alert via SMS, phone, e-mail, or Android push whenever your system goes down, or has signs of going down, to help your team mobilize quickly.



readyforzeroReadyForZero is a new company that creates online financial software with the goal to help users control and reduce their debt. Their application will help you keep track of your spending in real-time, allow you to set goals and see how close you are to those goals, and even keep track of your credit score.



SimpleNoteSimperium brings you SimpleNote. SimpleNote is a lightweight, clean and free application that to help you keep notes on your iOS, Android, Mac and on the web. You can update your notes on the fly, and then access them across all devices when you want to.



stripeStripe is new, simple, developer-friendly way to accept payments online. Pricing starts at $0.30 plus 2.9% for every successful transaction. You get paid on a net 7 basis directly to your bank account, taking the headaches out of trying to find a merchant account.



tapzillaTapZilla is a YCombinator backed company which launched on October 13, 2010 and is taking the daily deal model and applying it to discounts on paid mobile applications. Simply type in the kind of app you are looking for and it does the rest.  (no longer exists, search doesn’t work)



TeevoxTeeVox allows users to stream HD tutorials, videos, TV shows, and movies online in their browser using innovative new compression technology to ensure high quality and fast load times.  Thousands of items currently streaming and more added daily.



whereoscopeWhereoscope was a service designed to help parents know where their kids are at all times, and ensure they are safe. The service now redirects to a search page, no longer exists.



workflowyWorkFlowy is a new innovative tool which helps to organize your brain.   You can take notes, make reminders, do workflows and help keep yourself on track.  Quick and easy, fill out the form and start using right away.


Startup Accelerators

YCombinator W2011 Startups

appharbor  AppHarbor is a .NET Platform-as-a-Service. AppHarbor is a .NET platform-as-a-service solution for application developers. They allow you to easily develop and launch code without a bunch of hassle of having to figure out how to get it live. Whether you are using GitHub, Bitbucket or CodePlex, you’ll be able to integrate easily and quickly.



beetailer  Beetailer offers retailers to import their existing web stores onto Facebook and sellers the tools and resources for promoting their storefront and detailed analytics about how well it is doing.  It doesn’t matter if you are selling clothes, videogames or birdhouses, Beetailer can help give your business a good push.



RIP  Bridge offers an RPC Framework for building modular services and Cross-Language Applications.  (RIP, doesn’t exist anymore, website down.)



chirply  Chirply is a brand new platform designed specifically for crowd-sourcing and crowd-curating design. Rather than look for one designer, have a group of designers work on and collaborate on your design. Whether you want a business site, personal site, or just something fun, Chirply will help you get it done.



circle Circle is a brand new social network, which allows you to know when your friends and colleagues are nearby. By using your smartphone, Circle tells you when your friends or people you know (from college, work, hometown, professional group, etc) are near you. You can set it to give you an alert, and then you can go grab a cup of coffee with them.



comprehend Comprehend is an innovative new solution to help clinics, hospitals and anyone in the medical profession keep real-time reports on all sorts of different statistics. It can run queries across multiple data sources in real-time, while leaving the data in place and secure.



curebit Curebit is a service which allows online stores to help increase their revenues through referrals. They accomplish this by turning an existing customer base into marketers. By offering rewards and incentives to an existing customer base, you can increase sales without a huge expenditure.



custora Custora is offering a SaaS that helps to tell online retailers and web applications which of their existing clients are the most valuable, and suggests courses of action to help keep them.  By pulling together data, Custora can predict which products your clients are likely to buy, how much they are likely to spend, and when they are likely to do it.



drchrono   DrChrono is a robust medical platform for doctors and patients.  This platform helps doctors keep tabs on their patients, send messages, write out prescriptions and communicate with them in real time in case of emergency. It has been voted the number one E.H.R built for the iPad.



earbits Earbits is a brand new marketing platform where they offer new artists the chance to be heard, in an interactive radio experience, without all the ads.  Log on, choose your style or artist, and enjoy the tunes.



fivestars Five Stars offers a unique universal customer loyalty card that takes advantage and utilizes the power of network effects, social media integrations and helps to improve overall customer experience.  There are many businesses which are already a part of the program, and no matter where a user earns the points they can use those points at another location.



giftrocket GiftRocket sells a unique kind of gift card that works at any location. Unlike traditional gift cards, you can recommend a place they use the gift, but they can also redeem it  for cash and use it however they like. It also comes with an interesting eCard for just about any occasion you can think of.



grubwithus  Grubwithus allows people to interact socially over a meal in some of your city’s best restaurants. This service has been closed down, and they are working on their next big thing. You can sign up to be advised on their next launch from their website.



hellofax  HelloFax is a new online service that helps you send and receive faxes, ask for signatures and fill out forms and contracts, all from the comfort of your own computer. If you need a contract or form signed right away, you can send it through e-mail, get is signed and returned in a snap.



tumult  Hype is brought to you by Tumult Inc. It is the next generation in innovative design tools for producing amazing web content. It allows you to create and edit content in HTML and HTML5. It has an easy WYSIWYG editor, and also a text based code editor you can switch between on the fly.



hyperlink Hyperink is a self-publishing platform based in San Francisco, which aims to unlock and sell untapped information by giving everyone the ability to publish a book. Their platform makes it a breeze to get published, and is perfect to test launch a book or report before launching on Amazon.



kaleidoscope Kaleidoscope is a robust and feature rich program which can be used to spot the differences in text and image files. You can review changes and revisions in seconds with the world’s most advanced file comparison application.  This program will allow you to halve the time in which you track changes.



lanyard  Lanyard is an online directory of conferences, events, and speakers. You can find events that interest you, keep tabs on your favorite speakers and where they are speaking, and even stay in touch after the event with other people who attended. They even allow you to keep track of what’s going on at a conference if you happen to not be able to attend, in real-time.



likefm is a fast and easy way to share your favorite songs.  You can simply signup, choose your favorite category, and upload your playlist, or listen to other songs people have uploaded to the same playlist. You can then share your favorite songs and playlists via twitter or Facebook.



meetings allows you to meet face to face with anyone from around the globe right in your web browser, with no special software required. Whether you just want to have a chat, have an important business meeting, or have a tutoring session, they allow you to quickly and easily have a video conference. (Because not everyone has Skype, or the same programs to have a video conference).



memesql  MemeSQL is a new service which allows making scalable, memory-optomized databases built for high throughput workloads a breeze. They graduated at the top of the class of YCombinator, and are still strutting their stuff. They have some pretty big clients like Zynga too.



minomonsters  Minomonsters is a new social game (think neopets or pokemon) where players can collect and battle pet monsters. What is really innovative is that they are combining mobile gaming with social play, and are really attracting quite a crowd.



noteleaf  Noteleaf is an up and coming application which allows you to always know who you are meeting. It hooks directly into Google Calendar, and Noteleaf then scrapes all the available information about who you are meeting, and sends it directly to your phone.



RIP Flotype Inc. was a venture-backed company which planned to build a suite of enterprise technology for real-time messaging. (RIP – They no longer exist)



orderahead  OrderAhead is a quick and easy way for you to order from local merchants directly from your phone.  They allow you to order things like coffee, pizza, Chinese, Italian, subway or any other service that has signed up to use their delivery service. Don’t wait in long lunch lines again, or 20 minutes for a cup of coffee again, give them a call.



pebble Pebble TechnologyPebble is a brand new, infinitely customizable e-paper watch. Pebble is the first “smart watch” that allows you to choose how YOU want to use it. There are a wide variety of applications from range finding for golf, intricate watch faces, and even health apps to keep track for how far you have run.



swipegood  SwipeGood is an interesting service which allows its users to enroll their credit or debit cards to automatically round up their purchases to the nearest dollar for charity. It is easy to sign up and they have many charity’s that they support. Most recently Ashton Kutcher tweeted that he was very thankful for their help.



TellFi    TellFi is a service which offers the fastest and easiest way to setup a phone system for your business. They offer a full array of services such as call forwarding, voicemail, and extensions, all accessible online, for as little as $10 a month.  They currently have numbers available in the US and Canada.



trustegg  TrustEgg offers a really quick and easy way to save for your child’s future.  Getting started with TrustEgg is extremely simple, Sign Up, choose how much to contribute, invite family and friends to contribute as well, and watch the savings grow! Based on current rates $100 saved a month from the time your child is born will yield $35,000 for their future.



tutorspree   TutorspreeTutorspree is a brand new online portal which helps connect tutors and clients for just about any subject. They currently have 5,000 tutors located across the US and are constantly adding more all the time. Whether you want to learn math, science, or even basic computer skills, Tutorspree has someone for you.



upverter  Upverter is a unique set of browser-based electronic design tools which allow for focused collaboration and usability. They allow Engineers to quickly and easily get their ideas down and shared with colleagues.  Because it is browser-based they can edit their designs on the fly, from anywhere they want.



StoryWorth WhereBerryWhereBerry used to be an application that people could use to keep track of the favorite activities to do in their city. They have since become “StoryWorth”, a service where it makes it easy to share family stories and histories. They make it easy for you to record your family stories, and share them for generations to come.



yougotlistings YouGotListings is an online platform which helps real estate offices and landlords keep track of and rent their properties easily and efficiently. They have a suite of easy to learn tools which aim to help enhance their professional lives.  They syndicate ads, property listings, and also help to connect you to other real estate professionals.



zerocater  ZeroCater is an innovative new service which makes it easy for companies to let their employees enjoy meals delivered from the best local restaurants, caterers, private chefs and even food trucks. We know it isn’t always easy to get good food while working, as it can take an hour or more, so this service lets you order, and have it delivered to your door.

Startup Accelerators

YCombinator S2011 Startups

agilemd   Agile Diagnosis is a central place where you can find clinical guidelines. It provides clinicians with the access to expertise and information in a format that they can apply in their own practice. You can use it online from your pc, or take in on the go with their free app.



aise50  Aisle50 claims to be the “Best way to save money on your groceries”. They are the first group-buying outlet for groceries, which is a $2 Trillion business.  You log on, find the deal that suits you, have it loaded to your special card, and then go to the store to enjoy your discount.



RIP  B2Brev looks to connect great businesses to one another. They help you to make smart and easy decisions on products and services by providing honest reviews from business to another. No longer exists unfortunately.



citusdataCitusData provides an innovative new product called “CitusDB”. CitusDB is a distributed database which allows you to run SQL queries over large data sets. It was specifically designed for analytical queries and offers real-time responsiveness.



codeacademy Codeacademy offers free web-based programming tutorials so that you can learn to code in Javascript, HTML, CSS, Jquery and Python at your leisure.  Their interactive courses are a fun way to learn how to code in real-time.  There is also a big community of coders to offer you help if you get stuck.



springcoinDebtEye brought you “springcoin” an automated credit counseling service to help people get out of debt. It was something similar to Turbo Tax, but less steps to take. Unfortunately, they are going to be closing their doors, and won’t be offering the service anymore.



doublerecall DoubleRecall is a recall based advertising platform and monetization solution for online media and mobile.  They aim to help publishers make more revenue from their paywall and get advertisers more bang for their buck. Their ads get more notice and are more engaging resulting in higher click-through rates and revenues for both advertisers and publishers.



everyme  Everyme believes that most stories are only meant to be shared with your family and closest friends, and not with a massive amount of strangers. Everyme is a new social platform that lets you choose to share with and how you share with them.



firebase Firebase offers a scalable real-time backend for your web applications. It will allow you to build applications quickly and easily, without the hassle of having to manage servers.  Their goal is to take the fuss and muss out of building apps, so you can focus on your customers and build business.



freshplum Freshplum is a new data analysis platform for your business. Their goal is to bring decision-making power to companies who sell goods and services electronically. Find out who is visiting your site, from where, what they look at, how often they buy, and what to do to increase sales and conversions.



glassmap Glassmap is a simple, easy to use, lightweight application that allows you to show your friends and family where you are and what you are doing in real-time. By using the GPS features in your phone, you simply snap a picture, add some text, and Glassmap puts you on the map.  Glassmap was recently acquired by Grupon so you know it must be good.



gocardless GoCardless is a UK based instant payment service that allows you to collect payments from customers without the need of a credit or debit card directly from their bank accounts. Their service is currently only available in the UK, however they will be expanding to the rest of the EU shortly.



habitlabs Habit Labs aims to turn leading a healthier life into a game.  The innovative little apps help keep you motivated and remind you to do something that is good for your health. Some examples are “Floss because I <3 You”, or “Run that extra mile!”. With these apps you can not only be reminded to do things that are good for your health, but you can get those much needed pick me ups to help start your day.



interstate Interstate is “paving the way” for open project management. They keep users away from competitors by keeping them in line and on track with your product’s development. This innovative service ensures that your users are kept up to date on your project and they know exactly when a new release will be ready, allowing a greater level of transparency and trust.



interviewstreet   Interviewstreet allows you to create customized programming tests (in any language) and helps you to weed through applicants and choose the best ones based on their programming skills before actually going to an interview.  Some of their clients include; Facebook, Amazon, Yahoo!, Microsoft, Skype, and Evernote.



kicksend Kicksend is an innovative new application which allows you to send photos and images faster and easier than ever. You no longer need to worry about resizing, cropping, or optimizing the photos to send, simply put in the photo, and the app will do all the work for you. They boast to be so easy that even “your mom and your grandma will actually use it”.



launchpadtoys Launchpad Toys creates digital toys and tools which engage children and encourage them to create, learn and share ideas while playing. They have a few interactive applications which allow children to tell stories using a drag and drop interface and they can even make small cartoons to share with friends and family.



RIP Leaky was a service to help consumers make better decisions about auto insurance. However, they closed their doors on August 31st 2013.



marketbrief  MarketBrief is an interactive RSS feed site which brings you the latest SEC filings, Press Releases Patents and Trademarks for over 7 MILLION companies and entities.  Rather than needing to skim through the business section of 7 different daily newspapers to get the scoop simply log on to this site, and get the recap within minutes.



meteor    Meteor is a brand new, innovative open source platform for building high quality web applications in a fraction of the time. Whether you are an expert developer or just getting your feet wet, Meteor will help you make amazing applications without all the headaches that usually come associated with them.



mixrankMixRank is a powerful spy tool that lets you peek at the advertising campaigns a competitor might be using. By using this tool you can hone in on your competition’s best performing ads, and implement them yourself. They offer you the ability to see both contextual and display ads meaning you won’t miss out on anything.



mobileworks  Mobileworks is a brand new crowdsourcing platform which allows businesses and developers access to the resources they need to get their projects done. They claim to be better, faster, and easier to use than current solutions.    You send them your project, and they will find the best people for the job.



mongohq  MongoHQ is a leading provider of data solutions for developers who are using MongoDB as their data storage solution.  Their hosting solutions are guaranteed to be optimized for the absolute best performance of MongoDB. Pricing starts at just $15 per month, and is scalable.



opez Opez offers an easy to use searchable database of the absolute best service providers around. Whether you are looking for a trainer, stylist, mechanic, painter or just someone to mow your lawn, Opez has them in their extensive database. (Currently down for Maintenance).



pagelever  PageLever is leading the way when it comes to analyzing your brand’s data and presence on Facebook.   By using their service you can see exactly how much, and what kind, of exposure your brand is getting on Facebook. As we know, image is important, and PageLever helps you keep tabs on it.



paperlinks  Paperlinks makes managing and creating QR codes quick and easy. Their robust platform has all the features your business needs to create, manage, and distribute QR codes. They also have a nice mobile website design tool to integrate with the QR codes.



parse  Parse provides cloud services for mobile developers. They offer you a complete mobile application platform which allows you to focus on creating unique and engaging apps, without needing to worry about all that backend hassle.



picplumb  PicPlum allows you to quickly and easily share printed photos with friends and family. Simply upload your photo (or select one from Instagram), select the print size you would like, and PicPlum does the rest. Pricing starts at only $0.50 a print. They also ship internationally, so it’s great to use for Xmas cards.



proxino    Proxino is a cloud platform which allows users to monitor and debug client-side JavaScript in real time. It will run the report, and generate a list of exceptions, error logs and bugs on the fly.  At just $10 for unlimited sites, you can really cut down on the amount of time you spend debugging client’s sites.



quartzy   Quartzy is a robust, feature rich, online suite of lab management tools for the academic life science community. It will help you keep track of inventory, track orders, administer facilities, and even allow you to share protocols.  Quartzy automatically exports reports making everything as easy as a mouse click.



rentobo   Rentobo is a new tool that was designed specifically for landlords, managers and agents of all sizes to help make the process of finding and signing a new tenant for a rental property as quick and painless as possible.  They offer free tenant screening, rental marketing and much more.



scienceexchange   Science Exchange is an online marketplace for scientific experiments. This marketplace caters to users who are looking to get their experiments conducted by researchers in top core facilities and institutions. This allows you to get that experiment done, without you needing tons of expensive equipment you may not have.



videopixie   Sellstage is SaaS for online retailers to help make communicating and selling via video easy and affordable. Assistance is available to help with the production and distribution of videos to help your business sell more. They have recently changed their name to VideoPixie, but continue to provide the service.



siasto  Siasto is a brand new collaboration and project management tool which helps you integrate Google Apps, Gmail, Google Drive, GCal, box, and Dropbox. Their goal is to make it easier than ever to manage large projects from anywhere in the world in the cloud. You can try it free for a small team of 3 and for larger teams it is just $8 per month per user.



snapjoy  Snapjoy was an online photo library which could import your photos from anywhere and then organize them into meaningful memories of who, what, when and where. The service is no longer available and they are closed.



greekstreak  Greek Streak is a new company who is devoted to designing and creating unique sorority and fraternity apparel.   They currently offer custom pocket T-shirts, “bow” tank tops, and spirit Football Jerseys. They are constantly adding more products, so it is a site to check often.



verbling  Verbling gives users an innovative new way of learning a new language. They offer classes in a multitude of languages that make use of video chat to make the classes more engaging. You can also trade classes for free.



vidyard  Vidyard is an online video platform designed for business. You can add video to your website within minutes. Vidyard will not only host your videos, but they will also analyze their effectiveness and transform them into powerful marketing tools.  Some of their clients include: DelTek, Ceridian and even JUNO (Canada’s music awards).



vimessa  Vimessa is a new service which allows you to send free video messages to your friends and family anywhere in the world, even if they do not have in iPhone. You take the video using your phone with their free app, and then can send it to your friend or family member’s e-mail.



yardsale  Yardsale is an interesting new mobile app which allows users to help sell goods to local buyers.  Download the app, list your items for sale, or look for other items for sale which are in your same area. Very easy to use, and you can be up and selling or buying locally within minutes.



zenbox    Zenbox is a unique browser extension that allows you to connect all your SaaS services right into Gmail.  It will pull data from a variety of locations allowing you to see recent support requests, purchases, last time logged in and more. Currently it only works with Zendesk, Salesforce Desk, Shopify and Stripe but they plan to add more services soon.



zigfu  Zigfu is the easiest way out there to make and play Kinect Apps. Simply download their plugin, hook up your sensor, and enjoy the benefits of the future now! They are always expanding and are also looking for developers who want to help them expand to Flash support and tutorials.

Startup Accelerators

YCombinator W2012 Startups

Anyperk is a new service which allows employers to offer the absolute best perks to their employees to increase moral and loyalty. They have access to special perks for their members such as discounts to fitness centers, cell phone plans, travel and much more. If you work for a company who uses this service, you simply sign up and instantly get access to the perks.



Anyvivo wanted to be the e-commerce hub for all living things. It now redirects to



ark is THE search engine for people. You can use their site to find new people, reconnect with old classmates, make new business contacts and search your current friends. Ark already has over 1 BILLION people, are you on there?



Chute is a cloud platform that helps apps and sites, capture, manage, and display media files. But their services do not stop there. They also offer innovative advertisement integration services to help “blend” ads into your website or application, making them less of an annoyance and eyesore to your users. They are also starting a live entertainment feed service, seems there is nothing this startup WON’T do!



Coderwall is a social type website where developers, coders and designers from all over the web can get together and share what projects they are working on and get help and learn from others.  Once a free profile is set up, it’s easy to post a portfolio of projects, and there is no limit to what you can share. They currently have over half a million members, that’s a lot of coders!



Crowdtilt is a new crowd-funding platform. They are geared more towards friends and family, or charitable donations than other crowd funding sites. The downside to this new startup is they ONLY take credit cards, and that limits your crowd funding audience a bit.



Dealupa is a new way to get the absolute best deals to your inbox every day. Unlike Grupon or other deal sites where you need to log in and check every day, Dealupa allows you to set a price point and product type and it will alert you when a deal comes up.  Simply enter your e-mail and you’ll be on your way to getting daily deals.



Embark is revolutionizing the way that people get around without a car. Before, there were only GPS apps and route planners for people in cars. Embark makes free mobile apps for people that use public transit, using real time information when available, and going by posted schedules when not connected.



EveryArt strives to connect a personal artist, which will commission a work of art for you. They have a ton of artists to choose from, and just about every style is available. Simply come up with your idea, browse their directory, choose an artist, and get them to make your piece. Simple as that!



Exec is a new site dedicated to let you outsource the work that you don’t want to do yourself. They have background checked “Execs” available to put your mind at ease and get the job done. Currently they only offer cleaning services, but plan to expand in the future.



FamilyLeaf is a private social network where you can share your life with just your family. Facebook is great, but many people only want to share things with their immediate family and friends, not the whole world. (RIP)



FarmLogs offers a new innovative way to keep track and manage your farm. They offer access to tools which allow you to track rainfall, temperatures, market prices and much more. So ditch the paper records and spreadsheets, and start farming more efficiently!



Flutter is a new program which allows you to control movies and music with gestures to your webcam. You can instantly play, pause, rewind, fast forward and even control the volume with a flick of your fingers. Currently it only works with a few services (such as NetFlix and Youtube) but they are constantly adding more.



Flypad is an application which allows you to turn your iPhone into a motion-sensing controller for games for PC, Steam and other Indie Games.  You download the app, sync it to your PC, and you have a new wireless controller without needing to spend $50. It currently only works on NSF, Ignite, Vector Hunt, and Nitronic Rush but they are constantly adding more.



Givespark is a new site which promotes the slogan “where fans and celebrities gather for good”.  One can only guess that this site has something to do with charity and celebrities, as they are not launched yet. There is only a slot to stick in your e-mail and wait for updates.



Grouper is a new social site that aims to help get rid of that “third wheel” syndrome. They set up drink meetings between groups of friends, always 3 guys and 3 girls so you don’t wind up with a “third wheel”.  You sign up, prepay your first round of drinks and then go meet some new people.



HackPad offers interactive collaboration between users. You can use it to share documents, a company wiki, personal notes, plan events and more.  You can share just about anything with HackPad; text, videos, sounds, images and even games.



HireArt is the next generation of job searching and candidate searching. They propose to bring only the cream of the crop to both potential clients and contractors. They use different tools to screen candidates and clients such as work samples and video interviews.



iCracked offers a place where you can find local iPhone, iPad, and iPod repair and buyback services. All their listed techs need to prove there are certified before being listed. Currently their database includes places in the United States, and eight other countries, but they will expand in the future.



Kytephone is new app specifically designed with your kids in mind. It tracks their location, limits their interaction with strangers (by blocking texts and calls from unknown people), and also limits the amount of time they can spend playing games on it.  They boast to be able to make any smartphone kid friendly and safe.



LVL6 is an up and coming game design company. Their focus is on social mobile games for Android and iOS. They want to bring the social MMORPGs to the public at large so they can be played anywhere on their phone or tablet. Their first game “Age of Chaos” is now available for download in the app store.



MakeGamesWithUs is a new tutorial site which not only shows you how to develop and launch your first iPhone game, but they also offer full consultations and assistance in finding professional artists for graphics and coders if you have something more complicated. Simple mobile games can be made with their copy paste code samples in no time flat.



Matterport is a revolutionary 3D scanning device that allows absolutely anyone to create digital models, virtual tours, and interactive maps with ease. You simply place the device in various places around the room and then upload the images to the server, and it creates a 3D interactive model automatically.



Medigram offers a HIPAA-compliant communication application to help make medical conversation convenient and secure.  Their goal is to make communication between team members in a hospital setting fast and reliable. They have read receipts and all messages are encrypted using 256 bit AES encryption with SSL.



Midnox was created with the idea in mind to allow anyone to create and share amazing videos, without needing expensive hardware or software.  The idea must have been amazing, because they have been acquired by the popular site InstaGram and will be making the full transition by December 31st 2013.



Minefold offers Minecraft fans a place to set up for free. Servers are available instantly, and can be used for free for 10 hours per month. After 10 hours they do charge a fee, but it is fairly competitive.



Pair has been offering website hosting and IT services since 1996. They set out to make an app that was “just for the two of you”. However, it seems the idea did not pan out, as there is no sign of it anywhere.



Per Vices has developed a revolutionary new bit of hardware called “Noctar”.  This PCI card will allow software developers to write applications that will interact with all kinds of wireless signals and devices. The aim of “Noctar” is to eventually bridge the gap between ALL wireless signals and devices.



PlanGrid was designed with professional contractors in mind. It allows you a smart and simple way to manage your blueprints right on your iPad. No more bundles of paper, coffee stains or lost blueprints on a job site. Compact, easy to use, and convenient, this application is set to revolutionize the construction industry.



Popset was set to become the easiest way to start a group photo album with friends and family directly from your mobile phone. Website no longer exists.



Priceonomics is an interactive website you can use to search for the price of anything and everything. Simple and easy to use, just go to their site, pop in something you are looking for, and they return a bunch of prices for you. They find the item you are looking for and compare between Amazon, eBay and Craigslist to find you the best price.



ScreenLeap allows you to share your screen easily and instantly. There is no download required, you simply run their web application and give out the link to share. They also allow you to share your screen to tablets and smart phones.



Sendhub offers a quick and easy way for your business to get a business number for free. You can quickly and easily set up numbers which can be accessed via the web, cell phone, or tablet. They even offer FREE 800 numbers to extend your reach, and with full analytics and tracking to see how time is used, you can’t go wrong.



Shoptiques brings you the finest boutique shopping to the comfort of your own home. You can search and purchase items from all the big name and fancy boutiques from all over the world.           From New York to France, you are sure to be able to find anything you could want and get it shipped to your door.



Sonalight is an innovative application which allows you to send text messages by simply speaking them.  Not only can you send text messages by voice, you can have incoming text messages read to you as well, sort of like a slowed down phone call.  Their idea was to stop accidents caused by texting and driving.



Swiftype claims to be the best in the business (even better than Google) when it comes to adding a search function to your website or application. It is easy to install and has a full range of analytical tools to see what users are searching for on your site. Some current clients include:  Twilio, Shopify and even Facebook.



TheDailyMuse offers insights, advice, and information on how to get on the right track to a great career and not just a “job”. They have a job search function, and many articles and tips already made on how to land that first interview.  They also offer some fun things as well (like animated GIFs you can spread around the office).



TiKL is an Android and iOS application that turns your smartphone into a real time “push to talk” walkie-talkie which can also send voicemail, images, texts and even video.  They may only have a Facebook page, but that isn’t stopping this startup from causing quite a stir in the marketplace.



Your Mechanic offers a way for you to search for trusted and certified mechanics who will go to your home or work to fix your car. This is an especially good idea considering the amount of money it costs to hire a tow truck.  They currently are offering a savings of 20% over conventional mechanics.



ZenPayroll is a new application to help you easily and quickly track your payroll. They offer an easy to use app which is available across all platforms, so you can access your payroll information on the fly. They also offer employees to access their pay history and pay stubs, something that no other payroll solution is offering at the moment.



Zillabyte is an online big-data analysis platform used for lead generation for B2B and SaaS service providers.  They are currently in BETA mode, but you can sign up for it and give them a whirl. They have some pretty big name customers already, including ReTargeter.



99Dresses is an innovative new site that allows users to trade clothes and other fashion accessories with other users. You sign up, list your items, and earn “buttons” which these buttons are then used like a virtual currency to trade for the items you would like to have.  All items are “Free” as you pay with buttons you also get for free, but you do need to pay shipping and a “matchmaking fee”.



42floors is a new website that makes it easier to find office space rentals and commercial real estate listings by indexing these listings from all over the web. You can business places to rent, coworking spaces, office sublets, and executive suites.

Startup Accelerators

YCombinator W2013 Startups

 airware Airware is revolutionizing the way that autopilot systems work for unmanned aircraft systems.  From solutions for model airplanes to full out surveillance drones, this company does it all. Sporting features such as small form factors, full inertial navigation systems and 1 GHz Linux computers onboard, they are truly paving the way in unmanned aircraft autopilot systems.


BeatDeck  Beatdeck offers free powerful social metrics combined with effective campaign feedback to help get your music out there and in front of the right audience. It not only helps you improve your reach, but it ensures that your music can be easily shared and displayed, all while keeping track of who’s listening. Whether you are a new singer, a DJ, or a garage band Beatdeck will help you keep track of metrics and let you focus on what’s important your music.


bitnami  Bitnami is the App Store for server software. It allows you to run any application on any platform, by offering an amazing application that combines environments for PHP, Rails, Django, Node.js and Java. You can run Bitnami environments on your desktop, from your own servers, or get cloud hosting directly from them.

buildzoom-logoBuildZoom is a brand new marketplace for finding contractors for building, remodeling, or repairing a house. They are your one-stop shop for all those needs and more. They have information and profiles on over 3 million licensed contractors, and make finding one a breeze. Simply pop in your zip code, and browse through a number of contractors, all licensed, with feedback and comments from past clients.


circuitlabCircuitLab is a revolutionary new service that allows you to sketch, simulate and share schematics on the fly, right from your web browser. They are making it easier than ever for engineers, students and hobbyists to design, analyze, build and share circuits with one another.


CrowdMedCrowdMed aims to help people save on healthcare and save lives, by using the power of the crowd. By harnessing the awesome power of shared information, CrowdMed is helping to resolve even the world’s most difficult medical cases quickly and accurately online.

errplaneErrplane provides real time monitoring, error reporting and metrics for all your applications.  Monitoring, error reporting, and metrics for all your applications. Errplane has customizable dashboards so you only get the data that you want, without needing to spend a lot of time customizing it.


fivetran Fivetran provides a robust system for data for your company. Their slogan is “Spreadsheets for big data”. The have many new features that will make tracking your data a breeze. The BETA is closed to new users, however you can still request an invite to be considered.


flightcarFlightCar is an interesting new platform that allows you to let other people rent your car while you are parked at the airport. Their goal is to ensure you never pay for airport parking again, and even make cash while it’s there! They are fully insured for up to $1 Million, and all renters are pre-screened.


goldbelyGoldBely is an online marketplace which allows you to find and rate curious eaters with the best gourmet food providers in America. If you’re feeling hungry, but not sure what to try, hop on over to GoldBely and take a look. They even have gift cards and coupons available.


heapHeap Analytics offers a modern approach to web and iOS analytics. Heap will automatically track in real time every action a user takes in your web app. It measures clicks, form submissions, page views, and much more. Think of Heap Analytics like Google Analytics on steroids.


lawdingolawdingoLawdingo – Lawdingo allows you to talk to a lawyer when you need to online. They allow you to get the legal advice you need, without all the hassle and no obligation to procure counsel. They have lawyers who specialize in anything you can think of, and are nationwide.


lollipuffLollipuff is an online auction site for high-end designer apparel and accessories. You won’t find any knockoffs or imitations on this site. They take great care in screening all the items listed there, to ensure that you get the real deal at affordable prices.


medisas  Medisas aims to revolutionize the way sign-outs and handoffs are made in the medical industry. To improve patient care, and ensure all the proper information is given to not only save time, but to save lives. It is beautifully made, and easy to use as it was made for doctors by doctors.

meldiumMeldium helps you to meld all your web apps together under one roof, allowing you to automate the tedious, error-prone, and insecure parts of account management. You can give your team the access they need, give them more permissions if they need it, or restrict access, all on the fly.

microyza  Microyza is a new crowdfunding platform specifically targeted to science and academic research. While most other crowdfunding platforms target mainly entertainment, you can contribute to research, cutting edge technology or even cures through Microyza.


Myo  Myo (brought to you by Thalmic Labs) has developed a nifty little armband which allows you to use the electrical activity in your muscles to wirelessly control your computer, phone, and other favorite digital technologies.  With the flick of your hand, you can change the volume, open and close windows, browse the web, and so much more.


padletPadlet is like a virtual whiteboard at the office. It allows you to express your ideas, brainstorm, share images, documents, text, and videos anywhere on the page. It allows you to share this information with anyone, anywhere, on any device. It’s easy to use, and fun to share things with. Use it for business, pleasure, or even school work.


PayTangoPayTango helps to link the cards you have in your wallet to your fingerprints.  Unlike other biometric scanners, it “takes two to tango” meaning you need to use two fingers to authenticate yourself before being able to pay. You can pay for your morning coffee, gym membership or that latte on your way to work, all without needing to take your card.


revinatelogo Posmetrics (Brought to you by Revinate) allows you to get real time iPad based customer feedback right at the point of purchase. If you have an iPad you can hook it up at your cashier stations and have a real time way for clients to give you valuable feedback on your products and services. The data is collected and stored on a secure server, so you don’t need to worry about sensitive data being leaked.


PrizeoPrizeo is a fundraising platform which allows celebrities to cash in on their reach and influence to help raise funds and awareness for their chosen causes.  Not only do you get to help a great cause, but you get a chance to win to hang out with the celebrity raising money for the cause. For example, one campaign gave donors the chance to win a trip to Brazil to hang out with Alicia Keys.


screenhero  Screenhero offers revolutionary collaborative screen sharing. Unlike traditional screen sharing applications where only one person has control, Screenhero allows you both to have your own mouse, and you are both always in control. This allows for a more engaging sharing session, and faster collaboration than traditional screen sharing software.

semantics3Semantics3 is a curated database of products and prices. Boasting over 50 million prices, 20 million prices and 6,000 retailers, you can be sure you will find the real time accurate price of whatever you are looking for.  Whether it is electronics, clothes or even cars, Semantics3 will have a price for it.


SimplyInsured SimplyInsured offers simple and affordable insurance for small businesses. They proudly announce that they can help small business save between $500 and $1000 on average per employee per year covered by their health insurance. They are also able to be managed 100% online, meaning no messy paperwork lying around.

strikinglyStrikingly allows anyone to get a beautiful, well designed, functional mobile optimized site with a few mouse clicks. They offer an easy to use WSYWIG (what you see is what you get) editor, and you can preview the changes you make in real time. Simply select a template, upload your content, and you can have your mobile site ready to launch within minutes!


StyleUp  StyleUp offers weather appropriate fashion advice.  They not only account for your style, but they account for the weather when they send you daily tips on what you should wear. You can see what others are wearing, ask questions, and get real time feedback on how you look as well.


svbtleSvbtle is an up and coming publishing network that takes the best that newspapers and magazines have to offer and networks with great people. You can share articles, and get or give opinions and advice, and develop a real following. Unlike twitter or Facebook content you put up there you are sure will be read by someone.


swapboxSwapbox offers secure and safe mailbox solutions for packages. Everyone hates being at the mercy of UPS or Fedex, waiting all day to get a package and in the 5 minutes you step away you miss the delivery. Not with SwapBox. You use their address when buying online, and it goes to their secure box, and you can pick it up whenever you want.  Amazon, eBay, or any other online store. Never miss a delivery again.


swishSwish is a mobile payment company that is looking to take the market by storm. They have developed with own new card reader and application which provides a complete mobile point of sale solution for any sized business. Anywhere you have your mobile and the card reader, you can take payments.



TeeSpring Much like CafePress, TeeSpring allows you to create and sell custom T-shirts without no out of pocket costs upfront. You only pay for the shirts once you have gotten orders. Simply use your favorite graphic design program, upload the image, and boom, within minutes you can be selling your own custom T-shirts.


terascore Terascore offers a complete testing solution for Teachers and Professors. Set up exams, tests and assessments on the fly right from your browser. Get student answers instantly and securely, and then grade them right then and there.  With their drag and drop interface you can make an exam or test and have it distributed to students within minutes.


watsi  Watsi is peer to peer crowdfunding with a twist. Watsi allows users to donate money to causes which go towards life-changing medical treatments for people in developing countries who wouldn’t otherwise be able to get them.


wefunderWeFunder is a startup with the mission to help give everyone a chance to invest in startups, regardless of capital they have. It works much the same as any other crowdfunding site, just targeted to allow you to get your feet wet in the investment of startups.


wevorceWevorce is striving to take the pain and hassle out of divorces. They aim to make it more affordable, friendly, easier on the kids and keep everyone out of court.  They help streamline the process, and have an easy to follow six step system that helps to make it as easy as possible on those involved.


zarangaZaranga is a revolutionary platform which helps you find a professionally managed vacation rental.  Find a professionally managed vacation rental. They have literally thousands to choose from, and all at affordable prices. They handle booking, security deposits, and everything else, all you have to do is pack your bags and go.

zenefits Zenefits takes all the hassle out of running your benefits, so you can run your company. They have a very simple “set and forget” signup that gets your company benefits literally within minutes, and then you never need to look at it again if you don’t want to. They also do payroll processing and and HR duties as well.

Startup Accelerators

YCombinator S2012 Startups

airbrite Airbrite is a cloud enabled platform which powers mobile commerce. They claim to be the “next best thing” in e-commerce. The mobile-first API they have developed powers modern shopping. They are still in BETA, however you can get in early by registering on their website.



amicusAmicus aims to empower cause-driven organizations and charities to fully utilize the power of their social network profiles. This allows them to increase their supporter base, raise more money, and win more votes.  Some of their clients include the AFL-CIO, Human Rights Campaign Foundation and the National Education Association.



authyAuthy has developed an intricate API to make it easy for any developer to add two factor authentication to their apps. You simply need to add some API calls to the app and your users will be to use their phones as a second layer of security. Some companies already using it are DuckDuckGo,  DrChrono, Sendloop and Cloudfare and dnsimple.



bigcalcBigCalc allows for rapid, and scalable financial reporting and analytics. They allow quantum and algorithm traders (in FOREX and stocks/indices markets) to run simulations on limitless amounts of historical data. They also offer you the option to run these calculations on their cloud servers, so you don’t overclock your PC or laptop.



boostedBoosted Boards builds the world’s lightest electric skateboards. Take your favorites board, slap on a twin drive electric motor, and you’ve got what Boosted Boards is all about! Practice enough, and you can (reportedly) even ride them UPHILL.



bufferboxBuffer Box allows you to order things online via any storefront (Amazon and eBay for example) and use their address to ship to. It’s a convenient, quick, and secure way to make sure you get your goods. Their tag line “Never miss a delivery again”.



canopylabsCanopy Labs brings us a robust platform with a ton of features to businesses looking to build and apply customer models. They essentially help businesses to increase sales by helping to predict customer behavior and trends.



RIPCircular offers an infinitely scrolling feed of content based on people you follow and topics that interest you. (RIP, this startup did not appear to make it… Website no longer up)



cleverBuilds educational applications that just work. Clever offers a very robust student tracking system to help keep tabs on students, exams and assessments, even if they are in multiple programs. Some of their current clients include dreambox Learning, Amplify, Imagine Learning, i-Ready,, Capstone Digital, and TTM (think through math).



RIPCoco Controller is a new project listed on Kickstarter which aims to add game buttons and directional controls to almost any phone (right now focus is on the Galaxy SIII, iPhone and Android tablets).  (Project is no longer on Kickstarter, seems to have failed. RIP)



coinbaseBitCoin has recently been becoming more and more popular, but it can be a little confusing to actually get started with BitCoin. Coinbase aims to allow even the most amateur internet user to benefit from and use Bitcoins as a virtual currency, without all the setup hassle. They offer secure online storage for your Bitcoin wallets.



collectionsCollections is a “File Finder Reinvented”. This special program can help you keep organized and find any file, document, or picture you have stores across multiple platforms. Currently it supports Google Docs, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube.



datanitroDataNitro allows you to “super Charge” excel with Python. Now you don’t need to be a hardcore user or script genius to make interactive models or automated information feeds right in excel. Pricing starts at $500, so very affordable for small business.



diasporaDiaspora is a fresh twist on being social. Unlike most social networks out there, they offer complete freedom is how you wish to be represented (can use any identity you like), and who wish to connect to and how.  There are many “nodes” to choose from, or you can create your local node as well.



doubleroboticsI’m sure you have all seen the “Big Bang Theory” where Sheldon makes a robot to go about in the world when he fears getting sick or befalling physical harm. Double Robotics has capitalized on that idea, building similar robots that can be controlled from an iPad, anywhere in the world. The current price is a bit steep though, starting at just under $3,000.



dreamforgeDreamforge is “forging the way” in terms of 3D printing, and bringing it to the general public. They currently have cookie cutters and toys you can select (or upload) and they will get them 3D printed and shipped out to you (perfect for custom Xmas cookies).



easelEasel is a very robust “in browser” design program. The tool allows you to mockup, share and execute your new designs with ease. This is a real benefit for those who design using CSS3 and need to swap back and forth between their text editor and browser.



eligibleEligible offers real time eligibility checks for Health Insurance providers nationwide.  It’s very affordable, starting at only $0.05 per transaction, they hope to revolutionize the way that small businesses connect their workers with the health insurance they need, at a price that won’t break the bank. is a new twist on a daily journal. It allows you to record your daily activities and store them forever in the cloud.  Unlike social networks where it can be difficult to see what you did 1 year ago, their “blast from the past” function allows you to “breeze” through those precious moments with an intricate search feature.



inkInk “filepicker” allows you to connect your mobile and web applications directly to user content. With only “two lines of code”, you can drop files into Gmail, DropBox, Amazon CWS, or any other S3 bucket you may feel like using.  They also offer a “post image edit” feature which allows you to ensure your users can get the right file size every time for images.



flightfoxFlightfox offers a crowd-sourced flight source solution. They do not just stop there though. They will also help you with suggestions on what you can do at your final destination, and even have information on VISA requirements if you are planning an extended stay. Currently they have over 1,000 experts ready and available to help you plan the perfect getaway.





fundersclubFundersClub is a new online service which allows investors to scrape the web and find the top start-up opportunities to invest in. They have an abundant supply of tools you can use to evaluate start-ups and find the best entry points. Unlike traditional start-up investments where you need $250K and up, you can start with as little as $2,500 and grab a piece of the action.



getgoingGetGoing is looking to revolutionize the way that people book flights and vacations. Much like Orbitz or Travelocity, they want to get in on the action and the San Francisco based technology company is off to a good start. Currently they are offering up to $1,000 reward for inviting friends to use the service.



gridGrid allows you to input your data into a “beefed up” spreadsheet type application. However, it is much more than a spreadsheet. It allows you to store information, drag and drop to replace, share your items, and even call other collaborators directly from it.  Share projects, plans, or even vacation itineraries with ease.



hdtradeservicesHD Trade Services offers Mobile and Cloud based logistics software. They get you access to the consumer base you need to really make your sales explode. Getting your product from point A to point B has never been easier, and they claim to be able to get you in front of 10,000,000 potential sellers and consumers in no time flat.



crohnologyHealthy Labs proudly presents “” a “patient-powered research network”. Their goal is to have the largest network of patients all helping to learn from one another and to revolutionize the way we look at medications, diet, and healthcare in general.       They are currently focused on Crohn’s disease and Colitis.



himomHiMom is looking to add a more personal touch to the way you stay in contact with your parents. You can go ahead and design a virtual postcard with photos and latest happenings, and also get those same cards printed and mailed out. They offer a FREE app to use their service, so no more excuses for not sending those postcards while backpacking through Europe.



hiptypeHipType is striving to improve the process of publishing. They give access to powerful analytics and targeted advertising capabilities to most of the popular e-book platforms out there. Not only can you see how many people purchased the book after reading the sample, now you can see how many people actually read your book, and how many just dropped it after 3 pages.



RIPHubChilla looks to match you to similar users so that you can talk to them over SMS. (Looks like they never really made it out the gate.. 8 Followers on a dead twitter channel, site dead.. RIP)



imgfavimgfav is a fun image sharing community (think Pinterest). You can explore your favorite artists and photographers who share their best pieces from around the world. Share your inspiration with everyone on the world wide web!



instacartInstacart lets you shop at major food stores (such as Trader Joe’s, Costco, Whole Foods, and Safeway) and they will have a personal shopper go out and get your items and deliver them to your doorstep. Simply download the app, click what you want, instant checkout, and sit back and wait. They currently boast they can have your purchases to you within an hour in some cases!



kamcordKamcord is a piece of software that allows gamers to share their amazing plays, without having to actually leave their games. No more of the awkward “alt+TAB” actions to record your amazing triumphs, or funny glitches in games. Simple one click use allows you to show your moves without the muss and fuss.



keychainKeychain Logistics allows you access to their nationwide database of qualified drivers to get your products delivered in one piece, and on time.  Whether you are shipping one item or over a hundred items, they will have a certified, fully insured carrier at your disposal.



kipptKippt is an innovative new approach to keeping your information workflow and archiving easy and painless to use.  They highlight not only being able to share and collaborate between colleagues, but you can also keep tabs on all those inspirational pictures, notes and quotes all in one place. Keep your team focused and motivated!



knowmaniaKnowmia is a site where teachers can go to get materials such as interactive assignments and video presentations for their high school classes. Their goal is to get students more involved both in and out of the classroom to help take their learning to a new level, and help teachers to do that. They currently have over 8,000 video lessons and interactive assignments for most high school subjects.



leanstartupmachineLean Startup Machine offers courses and seminars on how to properly set up a start-up in the least amount of time possible. They want to get their information out there, so that more start-ups have a fighting chance of getting past their first year.



light tableLight Table is a brand new interactive IDE that allows you to modify already running programs so you can embed things like websites or games into them. It allows you to get real time feedback as they understand you not only need to answer questions about the code, but to also understand how programs really work.



RIPMarkupwand was a service that allowed you to convert Photoshot to HTML and CSS. It did the whole process within minutes. (They have discontinued the service for the “next big thing”. RIP)



microevalMicroEval allows you to streamline the employee review process. No more long forms or meaningless numbers, they claim to be the quickest, most efficient, and meaningful way to get accurate feedback to your employees. It compiles all the data in real time so you can check just exactly how well your employees are doing, without going over mountains of forms.



mthsenseMth Sense has the vision to really help developers monetize their mobile applications. They say that in order to really get good targeted users they need to solve the blind “ads” problem. So they focus on targeted campaigns for your app.



myvrMyVR is an online marketing platform for your vacation rental. It consists of unique websites, discounted listings and advertising, and a centralized dashboard to manage it all. They have everything you need to make the most of your vacation rentals, all under one roof.



newsblurNewsBlur is a personal news reader that allows you to organize and personalize the way you download and see news. You can highlight what you like, sort out the stories in the RSS feeds you don’t, and even share your favorite pieces instantly on your own blurblog.  In essence, sort out what you WANT to read from the millions of stories posted every day.



paralleluniverseParallel Universe is a start-up brought to you by Y-Combinator. It makes middleware that enables real time, scalable, spatial applications. You can use the software for anything ranging from massive online roleplaying games, to traffic applications to military defense applications.



perfectaudiencePerfect Audience allows you to quickly and easy “retarget” Facebook ads. A “retargeted” Facebook ad is an ad that is served to the people who have visited your website, but did not purchase anything the first time around. By using the new Facebook exchange, Perfect Audience can help you reel in those potential customers who did not buy their first visit.



plivoPlivo is a cloud based API service which allows you to integrate Voice and SMS directly into your web and mobile applications.  Some possible applications include telemarketing software, online games, and even interactive shopping applications.



profigProfig is a new start-up providing call tracking, voice broadcasting, CRM integration, transcriptions and more for small, medium and large businesses (currently redirecting to a 404 page, possibly they are not in existence anymore).



quicklychatQuickly chat allows workers and teams that are collaborating remotely to connect just as easily as if they were in the same office. It allows you to video chat instantly, without the need to “answer” a call. Your status is set automatically so that your team knows if they can connect with you or not. (So no work is interrupted)



reelsurferReelsurfer is a website that allows users to clip and share videos from any website. No more having to flip between youtube and vimeo, or scouring 4 different websites and needing to send 4 different links to friends. You can clip what you like from all those sites and share them with one easy link.



referlyReferly was an online network where you could catalog different things for sale and earn rewards for selling them on the network. They have recently switched gears, and have yet to let the public know which direction they will be moving in.



registryloveRigistryLove is the first wedding registry to actually allow two young lovebirds to register at multiple independent retailers and big box stores, and store them all into ONE central location. You can select what you would like to get, and your guests can go online and see not only the items, but WHERE they are located, and how much they cost. is a new online website which allows people to set their rent prices accurately. Never charge too little or too much for rent again. They help you to set competitive and fair pricing for your rental properties.



scoutzieScoutzie is a new website where people can go to search for design talent. Websites, mobile apps, themes, all this and more can be found in their curated marketplace. Simply pop in your project, when you need it done by, and your budget and scoutzie will do the rest.



smartassetSmartAsset allows you to delve into your financial life, and help you make the important financial decisions for FREE. You can instantly check how big a house you can afford, what kind of car upgrade you can get, or if you can afford that family vacation you’ve been trying to plan. They make the process easy and transparent, so you can make adjustments and make the right choices.



spinpunchSpinPunch are brand new to the market, making infrastructure for high performance browser games based on HTML5. Their goal is to make games so awesome and lightweight they can be played in the browser, but would rival PC and console titles.  They currently have two games Thunder Run: War of Clans, and Mars Frontier with hundreds of thousands of monthly users already.



sponsorfiedSponsorfied has been integrated with Partnered Brand Marketing. They no longer offer their online marketplace that allows users to connect brands with sponsorship opportunities. Existing users can still use their event tool.



statwingStatwing is a web based powerful statistical analysis software that allows you to interpret your data, without all the arcane stats jargon.    With a simple mouse click you can convert countless numbers into visual bar graphs and pie charts, and actually SEE what your data means, rather than try and convert it yourself.



studyedgeStudyEdge helps you to get better grades with less frustration. They help you to organize your time and classes, create study plans, and help you stick to them. They propose to help boost your grade and actually free up some time, so you can retain more and study less while still making the grade.



submittableSubmittable is a cloud based submission management solution which has been used successfully by thousands of businesses, publishers and art organizations to help manage, review, and accept payment with submission.  Some of the things Submittable can be used for include audio, video, manuscripts, themes, images, applications and resumes.



survataSurvata is an innovative and new way to collect market research and get consumer insight.  They collect the data, parse it, and send it back to you in an easy readable format. You can now get the pulse on your business, without needed to spend thousands of man hours on it.



RIPTapIn was designed as an easy way for users to share mobile videos instantly. The website no longer exists, and the service looks like it was discontinued (RIP).



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Remote Working

Working Remotely In Exuma Bahamas

Exuma Bahamas

Flying Into Exuma In The Bahamas

Being based in Florida I had some points to burn and went over to Exuma in the Bahamas. I’ve been to the Bahamas a couple times, but it was always the popular islands like Grand Bahama and Nassau. With the points we had the option of hitting up the Exumas which are one of the outer island chains of the Bahamas. After google imaging Exuma it was game on, the place looked amazing and it actually lived up the pictures 110%.

It’s actually a good place to remote work, the island is pretty undeveloped so there is little to no nightlife. You can spend the day out on the boat snorkeling and exploring, then head back home around sunset for some dinner and then crank out a couple hours of work. The internet connection where we stayed wasn’t bad at all. The only downside was the international cell phone usage, but the internet is good enough to Skype any calls you need to do.

The beaches are freaking amazing, we hit about 5 different beaches, and I think on 4/5 we were the only ones around on some of the biggest whitest stretches of beach you’ve ever seen. We rented a boat, which is a must, and it’s pretty affordable at only $100 a day. With the boat we were able to spend the whole day exploring countless snorkeling spots, beaches, ruins, shipwrecks and more which you’d never be able to do (aside from doing an expensive charter trip). The best part was the place where we stayed allowed for us to keep the boat right outside on the beach. I felt like a digital pirate, spending the day out on the boat, then at sunset bbq’ing on the beach, and then cranking out a few hours of work on the matrix at night.

Here’s a couple tips/highlights from our trip:


  • We rented a car from Thompons Car Rental which was pretty awesome. Call them in advance and they’ll have your car sitting in the parking lot with the keys under the mat. We were told to look for an older Honda Accord and sure enough it was there. I’m pretty sure it was a beat up 1992 accord, the keys sitting under the mat as promised and we were off. (Driving is on the left side of the road in the Bahamas)
  • We stayed in a place from VRBO right across the street from where the rental car place is. This is perfect because you can just drop the car off that first day and walk home. Then if you want to rent one again or for the trip to the airport just walk across the street and get it. They also have a shuttle service for getting into the little town when you want to go. Make sure you get one with a BBQ as we spent almost every night on the porch grilling and drinking Kalik.
  • Plan to cook at home mostly, there is only 1 grocery store in town. So I’d go load up on groceries while you have the rental car. Make sure your rental has a kitchen & cooking supplies.
  • Rent a boat! Definitely take the shuttle into town and rent a boat for 2-3 days. They’ll give you a map with tons of cool places to check out that you can only get to with their boat.
  • Hit up the Chat-N-Chill on stocking island for their Sunday pig roast. If you have your boat take it over, if not you can take the ferry over. It’s a cool place to sit and eat some awesome fresh roasted pig. Make sure to go down the beach a little bit and you can feed the stingrays, they’ll come right up to you and swim around your feet.
  • The only other good place we ate was (Look it up), the food is amazing and the trip down there lets you see the entire island. Make sure you stop at the Tropic of Cancer beach while you’re down there. Also look for the ruins with the goats. There were like 30 wild goats roaming around which was pretty fun to check out.
  • There’s a pretty good butcher shop on the island, the guy who runs it is an American transplant down there and runs it with his wife. They are super nice people and pretty much the only place to get some fresh meat in town. If you get burger meat ask him to spice it for you, I’m not sure what he put in them but it made for some of the best burgers we’ve ever had.
  • If you have money to burn they have a Sandals on the far end of the island, but it seems like you’d miss out on the true Exumas by going up there. Staying down by the bay made you really feel like you were somewhere special.

Keep in mind this is an off the beaten path kind of place, don’t go there unless you like swimming, snorkeling, boating, and doing things outdoors. The restaurants mostly suck (with a couple of exceptions) and there’s not much to do as far as shopping or indoor activities. That said, it’s truly as close to a paradise in the white sand beach sense as I’ve ever seen.