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What’s In The Tim Ferriss $5k Holiday Megabox?

The Tim Ferriss Mystery Box

The Tim Ferriss Mystery Box

Who knows but we’ll soon find out.  I went ahead and bit the bullet on the box so stay tuned.

I figure over the years the nuggets of info I’ve pulled from the 4-hour ww book and 4-hour body have paid off in multiples of $5,000.  So figured let’s go for it, from the looks of it his other quarterly boxes always have a great value so this one should too… In theory. =]

If you’re interested in getting the box too you can sign up at – if you’re not willing to roll the dice on the 5k mystery box there are great $100/mo boxes that include a variety of killer things.

Either way check back in a month or so to see if I just grabbed a $5k lump of coal or some killer loot!