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About Me



Hello, I’m Dave Batchelor.

That’s one of my dogs, she really loves the water, even though she’s not looking to thrilled there.

TotalStart is something I’ve wanted to do for awhile, a website that helps others how to build an online business and create an additional or primary income stream for themselves and their families.  I’ve been fortunate enough over the past 20 years to build a handful of successful businesses, along with a bunch of mediocre ones and some big duds.   I started back in 1995 running what was called a BBS which is basically a little message board that people could dial into your computer and access some information and files.  Around 1996/1997 I finally stumbled onto the internet using Prodigy (all of this stuff sounds really ancient now) and the rest is history.   I started doing web pages for the fun of it for my high school and learned the basics.  It was in college around 1999 when the internet really started to take off, I was in school for computer science to hopefully get a “real job”.  Around that time I dropped out of school after being bored to death because the comp sci was so far behind the technology and got a job working at a dot com company.  Things were great until around 2000 when the bubble burst and after coming back from a vacation found the office completely empty, they had gone belly up while I was gone.

From there I focused on creating my own income online via affiliate programs selling pretty much anything and everything.  I also started a wake up call service, which eventually turned into a great company that’s still kicking butt today.   Since then I’ve started a ton of random different companies, many of which have long been sold, ffizzled out, or completely tanked.  However a few businesses are doing great running anywhere between 5 and 7 figures a year in sales, with a great team of over 30 people across the board.   I’m very big on the whole fail fast philosophy and enjoy starting something as quickly as possible to see if it gains traction, if it’s a dud it’s important to realize it quick and cut your losses as fast as possible.

After so many friends, family and random people asking for advice and tips on how to create or grow their existing business, I decided this was a great way to do it.  Instead of spouting the same info over and over hopefully it’ll create a permanent collection of tips that I’ve learned over the years, to hopefully help you avoid the pitfalls and get to profitability as fast as possible.   I really found that I love helping others grow their business, so feel free to reach out to me with any questions, especially in the comments section and I’ll try to tailor the content of the site to meet your needs.

Couple Recent Awesome Things

Dave Batchelor and Tim Ferriss In Chile

Winning The Tim Ferriss Marketing Challenge
In 2011 I won Tim Ferriss’ 4-Hour Body marketing contest and got to fly down to Chile with Tim for a week of skiing at a bunch of different resorts.  It was a pretty surreal experience especially after being a huge fan of the 4-Hour Work Week book since it first came out.   The trip was epic with some hardcore skiing, and Tim is a super chill person to hang out with, really funny and down to earth.  Was an awesome time definitely worth busting some hump on a marketing campaign for the book.


Joining The EO Program
In 2012 I joined the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), this is an awesome group if you’re looking for other like minded business men/women to talk to.   Especially for me being located in Florida which is pretty much a tech dead zone for the most part, joining this was a game changer.  It helped me grow and look at business with a whole different light.   If you meet the requirements and there is a chapter in your area I’d highly recommend it.  If you’re not at the required levels to join EO look into their accelerator program or look for other programs like it in general.  Being able to hang out and talk to other entrepreneurs and freely talk about your business can be pretty enlightening.

Please Let Me Know What Would Help You Out!

Feel open to contacting me at any time.  Help me create content and posts that will help you along with what you’re working on.   I’m going to keep building out the blog with content I think is helpful, but sometimes it’s hard remembering some of the hiccups early on.  So definitely shoot me over anything you’re having problems with no matter how big or small, hopefully I’ve made that mistake or had that issue on the past and can help out get past it as easily as possible.

On top of everything, thanks for visiting and taking the time to read this!