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Step 13 – Easy Credit Card Processing For First Timers

You’re building a business at an incredible time, it has never been easier than right now to get your own business up and running.   Back when I first setup credit card processing 15 years ago  it was a giant pain in the ass, now you’re going to be up and running almost immediately.  Just  few years ago if you wanted to process cards you first had to go setup a gateway system like then you had to get a Merchant account through a bank, then after going through a ton of approval you had to link the two up, and then get a developer to program it into your shopping cart.   This method still has its place especially if you want more control over your billing, negotiating fees, rotating merchant accounts, etc, but right now for what you’re going to need is something mind-blowingly simple.

The company Stripe has simplified down credit card processing to about as easy as it gets.   Their fees are really reasonable, especially for the ease of use for people new to setting up their own business.  You’re looking at only 2.9% + 30 cents per successful charge, with a 2 day deposit window.   Plus you’re able to tap into a bunch of awesome features and easily able to do live swipes of cards if you ever want to do offline transactions.   Once you really get cranking you can also negotiate down your Stripe fees at around the $80k/month mark.

Go ahead and create your Stripe account, you’ll need to provide some bank info and other stuff to activate the account.  Make sure you leave your account in test mode for right now until we’re ready to start running transactions through.

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Step 12 – How To Setup Up Social Media Pages For Your Business

Social media is huge these days and it’s not going anywhere, so you’re definitely going to want to tap into the power of it at some point.   Right now is not the time though to start messing around with Facebook or Twitter, however, it makes sense to just sign up and reserve these pages for right now.    This way you’re locking in your account names while you can, and to prevent someone else from snatching them up before you can.

It doesn’t cost anything to set these up, so you might and well grab what you can, even if you don’t plan on using it right now.   Here’s the list of social media accounts you should probably go ahead and register.

– Facebook (Log into your Facebook account, on the left hand side there will be a link that says “Create Page”, follow those steps to setup your company page on Facebook)
– Twitter (Easy To Setup At
– YouTube (done through your Google Account)
– Instagram
– Pinterest

These are usually the go to ones I like to snag.   If you’re lucky enough to use your company name, then you’re good to go.   However for most of us the majority of Twitter/Instagram handles will be taken.   In those situations you can always try to grab something close, for example if my company is and @widgets is taken you could do @widgetsdotcom, or @officialwidgets.   Or if your company has a unique name like WOWSERZ but you focus on one product, like say textbooks, you could go for a keyword rich handle like @buytextbooks, @cheaptextbooks, or something along those lines.   This isn’t the end all of your business, don’t be that discouraged if the name you want is taken, just be creative and grab something that’s close or in the industry you’re in.

Now this is the important part, DON’T DO ANYTHING WITH THESE PAGES RIGHT NOW!  This is a point where so many people get distracted and waste time, we’ll get back to these in a little bit, but we have bigger fish to fry.  Just setup the accounts & verify them and then throw the logins / passwords into your password locker for now.   Don’t make the mistake of getting into the time suck of social media just yet.

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Step 11 – How To Setup An Email Account

Now that you have your web hosting picked out and your domain is up and running, it’s time to setup an email account.   Actually while you’re in there your best bet is to setup a few email accounts so you have them just in case.   Now would also be a good time to install some kind of password locker on your computer where you can start storing logins and passwords for everything.   As we go on you’re going to be signing up for a number of different services so you definitely want to get into the habit now of storing your passwords and information in one easy to use place.   Check the quick links box at the bottom and I’ll put some links in there to my favorite password storing tools.

So to setup your email is going to vary a little bit based on where you are hosting your site.  Generally speaking you should have access to some kind of management tool like cPanel, which is one of the most popular out there.  Log into your hosting account and see what they offer, also check their FAQs for how to setup email addresses in their system.

Most of you will have cPanel, so lets just walk through how to do it.   Go ahead and log into your cPanel on your hosting account and then just look for the “Email Accounts” link, it should be an icon of a little envelope.

Once you click that it’ll take you to a straighforward form where you can add a new account.  I usually like to then create a sales@ and support@ but it’s really up to you, also you might want to create a personal one for yourself like david@ which you can use for your own emails.  Use the password generator to make sure you have a secure password on each one.  Also I usually check off the unlimited box instead of setting a quota since in case we start sending large files we don’t want to get stuck hitting that at some point in the future.

So now you’re all set , to access these accounts you’ll need a mail client like Thunderbird or Outlook.   Your hosting company will provide you the mailserver info you need when you’re setting up those accounts.


Never Get A Credit Card Late Fee Again

Just a quick word of caution, credit cards are the devil, I recommend only using them if you pay them off in full each month.  If you’re not in the position to do that then don’t get sucked into the world of credit card debt.  I learned my lesson in the past and it’s not a fun thing to go through.  The credit card companies have a way  of traping you into a never ending cycle of debt and fees.

However if you’re in a position where you can clear your balance each month then it really opens you up to some great perks.   I’m pretty partial to my Chase Ink and Amex cards and like to build up a chunk of points on both.  With Amex if you’re patient you can wait for a good bonus deal and maximize your points when transferring to one of their partners.   I’ve used my points for all sorts of flights and other travel related things.   There are a ton of forums out there dedicated to maximizing your points, so make sure you read up if you want to get the most bang for your point.

Ok so now that being said, here’s the one quick thing you can do to make sure you never get hit with a CC late fee again.

Just go into your banks online Bill Pay and set up automatic monthly billing for each of your credit cards for the minimum payment amount.  Since there’s no penalties for paying multiple times during the month, this ensures that for some reason it slips your mind to pay on time, your card will still get that initial payment in.

Don’t forget if you do get hit with a fee, don’t just immediately pay it.  Call your bank or credit card company and try to get the fee waived.   If you have a history of no prior late fees a lot of companies will do a courtesy removal of your first late fee.   Don’t be afraid to ask, the worst thing they’ll say is no.

So jump into your banks online panel and say goodbye to cc late fees in 2015 and beyond!

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Tim Ferriss Megabox Unboxing

I’ve been pretty surprised how many comments and emails have come in asking what was in the box, so here’s a quick rundown of what was in it.   I actually strapped a little gopro on to do a legit unboxing video, but I still need to make some edits to it since it is way too long and probably way too boring to watch.

I had the mystery box shipped to my mailbox at one of those little local package/shipping stores. At around 2pm the day it arrived I got a call from someone there; “Um Hi, you have very large delivery, can you come pick it up?  It’s blocking our lobby of the store.”   So, I drove over to get it, and sure enough, there are 2 huge boxes probably totaling a hundred or so pounds.

One was a giant wooden crate, the other was a big cardboard box.  One of the kids at the stores offers to help carry these things out.  Luckily I have a truck, as I’m not really sure it would have been able to actually fit into a normal car.

I got these puppies home and end up leaving them in the living room for a few days to let the anticipation grow, since it was like being a little kid on Christmas day again.   Apparently the anticipation wasn’t as exciting for my girlfriend who had had enough of 2 huge boxes in the middle of the house, so I went ahead and opened them up.

I’m sure I’m going to miss a couple things, but here is the gist of everything that was inside:

The BlueFish Luxury Concierge Membership – I had never heard of BlueFish before but apparently its a luxury concierge service.  Looks pretty cool, will definitely post up a review when I’ve had a chance to try it out.  I’m guessing it’s a little like the Amex concierge service on steroids.

Boosted Electric Skateboard –  This puppy is a pretty bad ass electric skateboard that’s supposed to run about 20mph.  I haven’t had a chance to crack my head open ride it yet, but it looks sick.  Should be fun cruising along the sidewalk by the beach with it, I’m sure it’ll turn some heads.

SousVide Supreme Water Oven – This water oven is pretty slick, where you basically vacuum seal the food and then cook it using the water oven.  It came with a cookbook and vacuum sealer machine as well.  Haven’t had a chance to try it, but the reviews online for it are pretty impressive.

Marc Pro Plus Electrical Muscle Stimulation – This is a high end muscle stimulation device for aiding in recovery time from workouts and help improve or facilitate muscle performance.

IntelaMetrix Bodymetrix Personal Ultrasound – This personal ultrasound system is really slick.   It gives you a super detailed look at your fat and muscle layers.  It plugs right into your USB slot on your PC. Slop a little of included goop on your body, then scan away and see the results on your computer.   I was pretty blown away with the results, definitely will be fun to keep checking progress and tracking it with this.

Signed Tony Hawk Skateboard Deck – This is awesome, definitely going up on the wall of the office!  I’m glad I watched the little explanation video Tim sent over with everything.   I was about to give this to a buddy to throw wheels on it, before I saw it was signed by the man Tony Hawk himself.

Ralph Steadman Signed Print – Another awesome gift is this signed print by Ralph Steadman who is the “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” artist.   This one is going up on the wall also, very cool print.  If you’ve never seen Fear & Loathing, go check it out, it’s a classic.

$250 Voucher For DonorsChoose – I had heard of this site before but never really looked around.   If you’ve never been there before, go check it out.  It’s a really cool site where you can donate to teachers who need extra cash for projects for their students.   We had some fun looking through and picking out some things to donate too.

Tumi Leather Passport Holder – Nice little passport holder, always wanted one of these but never could drop the cash on one, so that was a nice surprise.

Trusco Metal Toolbox – At first I wasn’t sure what to make about this, but ended up really liking it.   I was able to clean up my junk drawer and load this sucker up with all my small screwdrivers and miscellaneous house tools.  The thing look so nice I was able to put it up on the bookcase in plain sight, so it was a win win.  This thing is solid Japanese construction and something that will be around for a long time.

ExOfficio Storm Logic Jacket & 2 Pairs Of Underwear – If you’re a Tim Ferriss fan I’m sure you’ve heard of ExOfficio so I was pretty stoked for this to be in there.  To be fair it was just a certificate that I used to order it, so I jumped online and grabbed my jacket and drawers right away.  Once I get to try it out a bit, will throw up a review on here in the future.

Chef Knife & Other Knife – I don’t know the names off hand, but I know these are two bad ass knives.  After using the same Target Knife set for probably the last 10 years I hadn’t thought much of my knives at home.  I think I was just used to the dull cutting, because after using this thing I felt like a samurai slicing through everything with ease.   It actually made cooking a lot more fun recently.  I’ll try to update this later when I get the knife name.

Air Purifier – This is a huge air purifier again I don’t have the name or model handy, but it’s a beast.   It’s super quiet and really nice.  I’ve been meaning to get one of these for awhile so it ended up being another good surprise.

Evernote 1 Year Subscription  – This is another thing you’ve most likely heard of before, it’s a 1 year prepaid subscription to Evernote.  I’ve been meaning to give this a shot for a long time, so will be fun finally getting to see what it’s all about.

Cast Iron Andrew Zimmern Wok – This thing is a beast and immediately sent my current wok to a box destined for Goodwill.    It’s the best of both worlds and works really well, it’s my new go to pan for the kitchen.

Kelly Kettle And Accessories – This kettle will be coming into use here in the next few weeks with a camping trip.   I’ve never heard of this thing, but Tim says he swear by it out in the woods, so will definitely be giving it a shot.

AO Biome Complete Kit – This is something I’ve never heard of before, basically its a probiotic for your skin.   I haven’t had a chance to use it much, but it looks like a pretty serious kit that includes shampoo, soap, and a bunch of daily spray bottles.

2 Sonos Speakers – These things are ridiculous, basically you can control what plays on them right from your phone.  Different speakers can play different streams from online.  I had heard of these before, but playing around with them I’m hooked.  Really cool stuff here.

Expandable Travel Backpack – I wish I could remember the name of this thing off hand but I can’t, will have to update it later.  But anyways, this thing is pretty sick, it has all sorts of options and features which allow you to expand it out and haul around a ton of stuff.  I’ve always used my Porter 65 bag, but it can be a bit big sometimes for shorter trips, this thing looks really good for those.

Hand Signed Holiday Card – A little hand signed card by Tim.

1 Hour QA Session With Tim – This is an upcoming little session with the Mystery Box Buyers.

Almost positive I’m missing a couple things, I’ll have to go through it again and see what was there.  It’s a serious box of swag, a really good variety of stuff.

The whole experience was pretty cool, having that show up when I wasn’t sure what to expect.  At $5k it was pretty steep, but based on all the other quarterly boxes you could probably sell everything off if you weren’t happy with it, so I rolled the dice.   I think everyone’s mind probably wandered a bit with the whole “Mystery” thing, personally I was expecting something a little bit more experience based, but am definitely happy with what showed up.   Most of the stuff are things I can use, the rest will be great gifts, or sold online.   The Tony Hawk Board and Steadman Print are 2 of my favorite things in the bunch.   The BlueFish thing looks interesting as well as I’ve never heard of it, so am looking forward to trying that out.

I think it’s probably a little tough coming up with something that will satisfy everyone who bought it, but this thing was pretty rounded out.  The experience of prying open a wooden crate full of random stuff was a cool experience also.

I’d be interested in seeing what everyone thought about it.  I can’t really find any other posts yet online about it.  If you’ve seen any other reviews or posts about it, please let me know.




What’s In The Tim Ferriss $5k Holiday Megabox?

The Tim Ferriss Mystery Box

The Tim Ferriss Mystery Box

Who knows but we’ll soon find out.  I went ahead and bit the bullet on the box so stay tuned.

I figure over the years the nuggets of info I’ve pulled from the 4-hour ww book and 4-hour body have paid off in multiples of $5,000.  So figured let’s go for it, from the looks of it his other quarterly boxes always have a great value so this one should too… In theory. =]

If you’re interested in getting the box too you can sign up at – if you’re not willing to roll the dice on the 5k mystery box there are great $100/mo boxes that include a variety of killer things.

Either way check back in a month or so to see if I just grabbed a $5k lump of coal or some killer loot!

Tools For Startups

How To Install And Configure A WooCommerce Theme

Setup WooCommerce ThemeOk so now we’re cranking, you should have picked out and bought the wordpress/woocommerce theme from the previous post.   Now that you’ve got it, let’s go ahead and set it up in WordPress and start to configure it.   Luckily setting up the theme is super easy, configuring it on the other hand can get a little bit tricky, especially if you don’t have a strong web design or programming background.   However you’ll definitely be able to set it up, so let’s start with that:

Step 1: First thing you need is the zip file from whichever site you bought your theme from.

Step 2: Login to your WordPress admin account.

Step 3: On the left hand bar go to “Appearance” then “Themes”

Step 4: Click the “Add New” button thats up towards the top of the page.

Step 5: On the next page click “Upload Theme” then select the zip file of the theme that you purchased.

Step 6: Once it’s uploaded you’ll see it on the main themes page with the others.  Simply click the “Activate” button to turn it on.

Now you can go load up your site and see the new theme in action!   Chances are, unless you’re really lucky, that the theme doesn’t look just right.  This is where some tweaking is going to come into play.   From the themes page you’ll see a “Customize” button on your new theme and from there you can go in and edit the basics.

Once you’ve got all the options edited from there and you want to do more, you’ll need to start digging into the site a bit more from the “Appearance” > “Editor” tool.  If you’re not familiar with code and time is of the essence I would highly recommend jumping over to and putting a job post out for a WordPress developer.  Be very detailed in what you need done and make sure you only higher someone who has good past reviews and has worked at least 100 hours.  You should be able to find someone for around $8 an hour who can get you up and running.

Remember don’t do too much with your design at first, just get your logo up in there, tweak colors, and then modify anything else that needs to be changed.   Let’s get to the point of being able to run orders through ASAP, then go back and spend time doing any bells and whistles you have in mind.  If anything try to simplify down your design and site as much as possible.  Everyone suffers from delusions of grandeur when first starting up something, so keep it as simple as possible, you have all the time in the world down the road to add in things like a blog.

I went ahead and picked a simple theme for the item I’ll be selling.  It’s really clean and simple and made sure not to spend any extra time.  Since it’s only 1 product to start I was able to eliminate a ton of stuff from the design and really whittle it down.  I also had to bring on a WordPress guy to make some changes for me, it ended up only being about 2 hours of work at $10 an hour.

Now that we’ve got the site setup, in the next post I’ll move on to adding some products in and playing around with modifying WooCommerce settings.

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Top 5 WooCommerce Themes For Selling A Product

Now that we’ve decided on WooCommerce for the site’s shopping cart, now it’s time to grab a theme for it.  Basically a theme is a premade template that will help you speed up your whole design process.  Instead of designing an entire site from scratch you can pick out a theme that you feel meets you needs best and then just tweak it to have your own look and feel.  It’s pretty mind blowing that something that only a few years ago would take thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars to have designed and integrated now only takes around $50 and a few hours of your time to modify it!

Here are the top 5 designs I found for selling a physical product using WooCommerce.   I’m a big fan of keeping things simple and clean and focusing mostly on the product so you’ll see that reflected here.  Remember this should basically be a rough draft for your site, on most of these themes you’re able to change the color schemes and graphics around to really match your new companies brand and personality.   One other thing you should look for is a “responsive” theme, what this means is that the theme will look good in both desktop PCs and mobile devices.  With mobile becoming more and more popular it’s a smart move to start out with a website design that is responsive from the get go.

#1 – MinDig Theme (Click Here To See The MinDig Demo)
I really liked this theme, its super clean and has a good look and feel to it.  It’s responsive and n the demo link above you can see how well it works on different mobile devices.
Mindig Screenshot


#2 – Swagger Theme (Click Here To See The Swagger Demo)

Swagger is another really clean and easy to follow layout.  They have a nice selection of modified versions too so you can pick the one that meets your products needs best.  Swagger WooCommerce Theme


#3 – Maya Shop Theme (Click Here To See The Maya Shop Demo)

This is one of the most popular themes out there for WooCommerce.  Its a couple years old, but it’s a classic with a bunch of solid support since it’s been around so long.  Its really clean and I like how it’s a little bit more texty which helps a bit when it comes to SEO.

MayaShop Screenshot


#4 – Captiva Theme (Click Here To See The Captiva Demo)

Captiva is a really nice full width theme.  They have a great navigation setup on the inside pages which really allows for customers to click around.  Keep in mind though if you don’t have a bunch of products this might not be the best fit for you.
Captiva Screenshot


#5 – Humble Shop Theme (Click Here To See The Humble Shop Demo)

Humble Shop is a great for people who only have a few products or even one product to sell.  It lives up to it’s name as a super minimalistic theme which is good for beginners.  I’d highly recommend this if you have only a few products and then work your way up to something different as you need it.
Humble Shop Screenshot


The biggest tip for picking a WooCommerce theme is not to waste a lot of time doing it.   You should seriously spend no more than about 45 minutes picking one.  Just go with your gut on what you think looks best and has the features you need.  The beauty of using WooCommerce is that you can always switch to a new theme down the road.  So start with something easy just to get the ball rolling and get some sales coming in, then go with something more elaborate in the future.   Time is money and the last thing you want to do is waste your time contemplating tiny differences in theme designs that no one will ever notice.

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ISF Filing & Entry Filing Done Easy!

Track Cargo Ships OnlineSo about a month or two ago I started the process of buying the product for this project from a supplier in China on Alibaba.    I had never shipped anything from China before via a cargo ship and I’ll tell you right now, it’s a WAY bigger pain than shipping via air.   When you ship via DHL or FedEx or whatever, you simply order and it arrives at your door for the most part.   Every now and then we’d have to talk to someone to help it clear customs, but for the most part it’s not that big a deal.   Since for this project what we’re shipping is pretty bulky  & I was ordering 600 lbs worth of product, it made more sense to do it via cargo ship.   There was about a $2,000 USD difference in cost shipping wise.   However since I didn’t know all the in’s and outs and was soon in over my head a little bit; hopefully this post helps you out a little bit so you can save some aggravation and find a  better way to do it.

The first sign of me having no clue what I was doing was this email from my supplier the day after I sent payment and he arranged the shipment out:
Dear Dave,
Have a nice day!
The attached is the ISF information for you to make declaration to USA Customs.
Please find a reliable forwarder to help you make the ISF declaration to USA Customs before Jan 27, 2014.
Or else, you will get the penality of USD 5000 at least by USA government.
And after finishing the ISF declaration to USA Customs, please tell me the ISF number from the USA Customs.
Should you have any question, please let me know it.
Thanks & Best Regards

My first thoughts were…

Ummm ISF What?    $5,000 Fine!?   Is that even possible? The goods I’m shipping are only 2 grand.  What the heck is going on?

So after some Googling I find out that the ISF Declaration went into effect back in 2010 and is pretty routine business when shipping in via cargo.   So I figured no big deal, and if you Google around for “How To File ISF Declaration” a few companies pop up.   I contacted one of the companies which seemed legit, they said it would be $95 to file it. which didn’t seem like that much money.   So I went ahead and and moved forward.

Next day they said I’d also need to pay a ISF Bond Fee as well of $109.32.   I’m still not 100% sure what that is, but I wanted to get this over with said & said that’s fine, lets just get this going.    They needed the money wired since I was close to the deadline, so after all was said and done I paid $222.32, which seemed steep, but whatever my stuff was on the way and we could move on.

I paid a couple hundred more bucks than I thought I had to but my shipment was on the way, only another 30 days and it would be here!

So let’s fast forward a month and I get another email; this time from the company that filed the ISF for me.  Which basically says OK your shipment is about to arrive at port in NYC, now we need to do the customs clearing process.  They wanted me to sign a Power Of Attorney to complete the paper work, so I write back asking if this is included in the fee I already paid.   But nope, here’s the email I got back:


You paid for the ISF filing and single ISF bond.  The ISF is the first of the two filing requirements for ocean shipments.
Our clearance fees are below:
$175 Entry Filing/Service Fee
$189.76 Single Entry Bond

I will provide the estimated duty/taxes due.  Please describe the following items on the commercial invoice:


I could understand the first $200, but now it’s getting crazy.  Especially for only a $2,000 shipment.  So I called up a buddy of mine who does a lot of importing and he said that I needed to find a local Customs Broker; the ISF alone should have only been like $75.   At this point I know I’m getting hosed so searched for a customs broker near me.  Sure enough I found one 15 minutes away who was WAY more helpful and was able to do the remaining part for only $150 total.

The woman who I dealt with at this customs brokerage was extremely helpful and as of now we are all good to go.  The shipment is set to arrive in a few days on March 14th.   Luckily my buddy pointed me in the right direction towards the end and at least saved me a hundred bucks or so.

So Here’s How to do ISF Filing & Entry Filing The Right Way!
Don’t pick the first thing that pops up!   I was in a rush to get it done and ended up with a crappy company the first time.   Search for “Your City + Customs Broker” and try to find someone near you.  If not right in your city, look for the next major city near you. From what I’ve heard you should be looking at around $50-$75 for the ISF Declaration.   I’m sure you can do it yourself, but with a $5k fine looming I didn’t want to risk it.
Beyond the ISF you’re probably looking at another $100-200 for the Entry Filing.   Then there are some bonds involved & depending on what you’re importing.  I’m still by no means an expert at any of this but do your due diligence.   From what I’m hearing it’s a pretty standard operation and you can find a fair price if you call around and get quotes.
At least we’re finally rocking and rolling, the cargo should be here by Friday.  I’m planning on driving to the port to pick it up myself to document what the whole process is like!

WordPress With Shopping Cart Plugins

Now that we’ve got our web hosting up and running it’s time to figure out what kind of platform we want to run our e-commerce store on.   There are a ton of options out there you can use, but the name of the game here is keeping costs down so we can return a profit as soon as possible.   We can always upgrade our shopping cart to something more advanced if we ever need it, but I like starting small and getting a proof of concept down before spending unneeded dollars.

Over the years I’ve played around with a lot of the bigger shopping cart systems like OSCommerce and BigCommerce.   Both of those are nice but I’ve personally found them a bit confusing and bloated; not to mention they cost some decent money to use.   There are also systems out there like Shopify which is nice if you want a really easy to use all-inclusive system.  The problem I had with Shopify was the lack of control when it came to certain things like SEO and fine tuning pages exactly how I wanted.

Eventually I found an awesome WordPress shopping cart plugin called WP e-Commerce, which is ideal for small sites that are only selling a few products and don’t need all the bells and whistles.  The beauty of it is that it runs off the WordPress platform which is free and somewhat user friendly for novice computer users.    Not only that but the WP e-Commerce plugin is free for their base version and you only pay a la carte for the features you want; all of which are really reasonably priced.   Best of all, you’ll have complete control over the site and won’t be tied to any monthly fee’s that many of the other systems make you pay.

Here are the add-ons I went ahead and got.   Your situation might be different, and you can always add them on down the road; so don’t spring for them unless you need them.

– Gold Cart Plugin – $47.00
This just offers a bunch of little features that are good to have.  For $47 it’s worth the money to have them ready to go.

– Stripe Payment Gateway – $37.00
We’ll go over the payment gateway later, but I know we’ll be using Stripe so I grabbed this also.

If you’re not 100% comfortable with WordPress and the installation, they offer a $127 Gold Cart package where they will install it for you.   I think they’ll also install the Stripe plugin and help explain the system to you a little bit.   Another option would be to go on oDesk and hire someone who can do it for you.

I’m beat tonight, but at least we have all the software ready to go.   Next step will be grabbing a good design to use, stay tuned!