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Never Get A Credit Card Late Fee Again

Just a quick word of caution, credit cards are the devil, I recommend only using them if you pay them off in full each month.  If you’re not in the position to do that then don’t get sucked into the world of credit card debt.  I learned my lesson in the past and it’s not a fun thing to go through.  The credit card companies have a way  of traping you into a never ending cycle of debt and fees.

However if you’re in a position where you can clear your balance each month then it really opens you up to some great perks.   I’m pretty partial to my Chase Ink and Amex cards and like to build up a chunk of points on both.  With Amex if you’re patient you can wait for a good bonus deal and maximize your points when transferring to one of their partners.   I’ve used my points for all sorts of flights and other travel related things.   There are a ton of forums out there dedicated to maximizing your points, so make sure you read up if you want to get the most bang for your point.

Ok so now that being said, here’s the one quick thing you can do to make sure you never get hit with a CC late fee again.

Just go into your banks online Bill Pay and set up automatic monthly billing for each of your credit cards for the minimum payment amount.  Since there’s no penalties for paying multiple times during the month, this ensures that for some reason it slips your mind to pay on time, your card will still get that initial payment in.

Don’t forget if you do get hit with a fee, don’t just immediately pay it.  Call your bank or credit card company and try to get the fee waived.   If you have a history of no prior late fees a lot of companies will do a courtesy removal of your first late fee.   Don’t be afraid to ask, the worst thing they’ll say is no.

So jump into your banks online panel and say goodbye to cc late fees in 2015 and beyond!

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