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Working Remotely In Exuma Bahamas

Exuma Bahamas

Flying Into Exuma In The Bahamas

Being based in Florida I had some points to burn and went over to Exuma in the Bahamas. I’ve been to the Bahamas a couple times, but it was always the popular islands like Grand Bahama and Nassau. With the points we had the option of hitting up the Exumas which are one of the outer island chains of the Bahamas. After google imaging Exuma it was game on, the place looked amazing and it actually lived up the pictures 110%.

It’s actually a good place to remote work, the island is pretty undeveloped so there is little to no nightlife. You can spend the day out on the boat snorkeling and exploring, then head back home around sunset for some dinner and then crank out a couple hours of work. The internet connection where we stayed wasn’t bad at all. The only downside was the international cell phone usage, but the internet is good enough to Skype any calls you need to do.

The beaches are freaking amazing, we hit about 5 different beaches, and I think on 4/5 we were the only ones around on some of the biggest whitest stretches of beach you’ve ever seen. We rented a boat, which is a must, and it’s pretty affordable at only $100 a day. With the boat we were able to spend the whole day exploring countless snorkeling spots, beaches, ruins, shipwrecks and more which you’d never be able to do (aside from doing an expensive charter trip). The best part was the place where we stayed allowed for us to keep the boat right outside on the beach. I felt like a digital pirate, spending the day out on the boat, then at sunset bbq’ing on the beach, and then cranking out a few hours of work on the matrix at night.

Here’s a couple tips/highlights from our trip:


  • We rented a car from Thompons Car Rental which was pretty awesome. Call them in advance and they’ll have your car sitting in the parking lot with the keys under the mat. We were told to look for an older Honda Accord and sure enough it was there. I’m pretty sure it was a beat up 1992 accord, the keys sitting under the mat as promised and we were off. (Driving is on the left side of the road in the Bahamas)
  • We stayed in a place from VRBO right across the street from where the rental car place is. This is perfect because you can just drop the car off that first day and walk home. Then if you want to rent one again or for the trip to the airport just walk across the street and get it. They also have a shuttle service for getting into the little town when you want to go. Make sure you get one with a BBQ as we spent almost every night on the porch grilling and drinking Kalik.
  • Plan to cook at home mostly, there is only 1 grocery store in town. So I’d go load up on groceries while you have the rental car. Make sure your rental has a kitchen & cooking supplies.
  • Rent a boat! Definitely take the shuttle into town and rent a boat for 2-3 days. They’ll give you a map with tons of cool places to check out that you can only get to with their boat.
  • Hit up the Chat-N-Chill on stocking island for their Sunday pig roast. If you have your boat take it over, if not you can take the ferry over. It’s a cool place to sit and eat some awesome fresh roasted pig. Make sure to go down the beach a little bit and you can feed the stingrays, they’ll come right up to you and swim around your feet.
  • The only other good place we ate was (Look it up), the food is amazing and the trip down there lets you see the entire island. Make sure you stop at the Tropic of Cancer beach while you’re down there. Also look for the ruins with the goats. There were like 30 wild goats roaming around which was pretty fun to check out.
  • There’s a pretty good butcher shop on the island, the guy who runs it is an American transplant down there and runs it with his wife. They are super nice people and pretty much the only place to get some fresh meat in town. If you get burger meat ask him to spice it for you, I’m not sure what he put in them but it made for some of the best burgers we’ve ever had.
  • If you have money to burn they have a Sandals on the far end of the island, but it seems like you’d miss out on the true Exumas by going up there. Staying down by the bay made you really feel like you were somewhere special.

Keep in mind this is an off the beaten path kind of place, don’t go there unless you like swimming, snorkeling, boating, and doing things outdoors. The restaurants mostly suck (with a couple of exceptions) and there’s not much to do as far as shopping or indoor activities. That said, it’s truly as close to a paradise in the white sand beach sense as I’ve ever seen.