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Step 13 – Easy Credit Card Processing For First Timers

You’re building a business at an incredible time, it has never been easier than right now to get your own business up and running.   Back when I first setup credit card processing 15 years ago  it was a giant pain in the ass, now you’re going to be up and running almost immediately.  Just  few years ago if you wanted to process cards you first had to go setup a gateway system like then you had to get a Merchant account through a bank, then after going through a ton of approval you had to link the two up, and then get a developer to program it into your shopping cart.   This method still has its place especially if you want more control over your billing, negotiating fees, rotating merchant accounts, etc, but right now for what you’re going to need is something mind-blowingly simple.

The company Stripe has simplified down credit card processing to about as easy as it gets.   Their fees are really reasonable, especially for the ease of use for people new to setting up their own business.  You’re looking at only 2.9% + 30 cents per successful charge, with a 2 day deposit window.   Plus you’re able to tap into a bunch of awesome features and easily able to do live swipes of cards if you ever want to do offline transactions.   Once you really get cranking you can also negotiate down your Stripe fees at around the $80k/month mark.

Go ahead and create your Stripe account, you’ll need to provide some bank info and other stuff to activate the account.  Make sure you leave your account in test mode for right now until we’re ready to start running transactions through.

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