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How To Install And Configure A WooCommerce Theme

Setup WooCommerce ThemeOk so now we’re cranking, you should have picked out and bought the wordpress/woocommerce theme from the previous post.   Now that you’ve got it, let’s go ahead and set it up in WordPress and start to configure it.   Luckily setting up the theme is super easy, configuring it on the other hand can get a little bit tricky, especially if you don’t have a strong web design or programming background.   However you’ll definitely be able to set it up, so let’s start with that:

Step 1: First thing you need is the zip file from whichever site you bought your theme from.

Step 2: Login to your WordPress admin account.

Step 3: On the left hand bar go to “Appearance” then “Themes”

Step 4: Click the “Add New” button thats up towards the top of the page.

Step 5: On the next page click “Upload Theme” then select the zip file of the theme that you purchased.

Step 6: Once it’s uploaded you’ll see it on the main themes page with the others.  Simply click the “Activate” button to turn it on.

Now you can go load up your site and see the new theme in action!   Chances are, unless you’re really lucky, that the theme doesn’t look just right.  This is where some tweaking is going to come into play.   From the themes page you’ll see a “Customize” button on your new theme and from there you can go in and edit the basics.

Once you’ve got all the options edited from there and you want to do more, you’ll need to start digging into the site a bit more from the “Appearance” > “Editor” tool.  If you’re not familiar with code and time is of the essence I would highly recommend jumping over to and putting a job post out for a WordPress developer.  Be very detailed in what you need done and make sure you only higher someone who has good past reviews and has worked at least 100 hours.  You should be able to find someone for around $8 an hour who can get you up and running.

Remember don’t do too much with your design at first, just get your logo up in there, tweak colors, and then modify anything else that needs to be changed.   Let’s get to the point of being able to run orders through ASAP, then go back and spend time doing any bells and whistles you have in mind.  If anything try to simplify down your design and site as much as possible.  Everyone suffers from delusions of grandeur when first starting up something, so keep it as simple as possible, you have all the time in the world down the road to add in things like a blog.

I went ahead and picked a simple theme for the item I’ll be selling.  It’s really clean and simple and made sure not to spend any extra time.  Since it’s only 1 product to start I was able to eliminate a ton of stuff from the design and really whittle it down.  I also had to bring on a WordPress guy to make some changes for me, it ended up only being about 2 hours of work at $10 an hour.

Now that we’ve got the site setup, in the next post I’ll move on to adding some products in and playing around with modifying WooCommerce settings.

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