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Getting A Logo For The New Company

The Wall Of Insipiration

The Wall Of Insipiration

My background is in graphic/web design and ran a web design company for several years.  Back then it was pretty easy to make a buck doing design work for people since it was so new and not THAT many people were providing the service.  Now days with the proliferation of designers around the world, it’s never been a better time to start your own company without any graphic or web design experience.   Getting a logo designed for you is something I used to charge ridiculous money for, now you can get a great professional logo for $50 or less.  These days I’m pretty rusty with ol’ Photoshop so being able to have someone crank out a logo for me, makes my life a lot easier.

If you have the budget for it, sites like 99Designs and their logo contests let you put up a couple hundred dollars prize and you’ll get logo ideas from 40-50 different designers.  From there you can pick out whichever logo you like, and even work with the designers to fine tune it to meet your needs.

For this project I’m trying to keep on a pretty tight budget so I’m going to use the site   Basically there are a couple hundred logo designers on there, you can pick a guy based on your budget and the style you’re looking for.  From there you send him your logo ideas and description of what you want and he’ll come back with some ideas.  Usually you have like 4-5 revisions of going back and forth to get what you want.   I’m picking a guy who was $45,  his past work looks pretty good.
Tips For Using MicroLancer or any logo creation sites:

– Be super descriptive explaining what you want your logo to look like.
– Go to Google Images and search for logos on there, send him links to specific logos you like the look & feel of so he knows what you’re looking for
– On the revision process be very very detailed with the changes you want made.  Especially with MicroLancer you have a limited number of revisisons; so make the most of each one.
– I like to keep my logos simple with 3-4 colors max.  When getting physical products & promo materials made with your logo on it, sometimes you’re charged by the number of colors, so the fewer the better.
– Make sure the logo looks good on both a white background & dark color background, have the designer show you samples of how it looks on each.
– Try to make sure they give it to you in a couple different formats.  I usually get .AI (Adobe Illustrator),  .PSD (Photoshop), .PDF if possible.   Especially if you’re not familiar with graphic design, having the more formats available will make your life easier.

So we’ll see what happens with this guy.   I’ve only used Microlancer a couple times in the past and had good results.   I’ve had amazing results with 99 designs but I think we ended up spending 500 bucks or so.   It all comes down to your budget and in reality, for a project like this, the logo isn’t going to make or break you.   You just want something that looks nice and clean.

Here’s the daily cash breakdown:
Samples From Alibaba:  -$130.00
Domain Name:  -$320.00 (Usually will be only $10 – I just overpaid at dropped domain auction)
Logo Design: -$45.00
Total: -$495.00

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