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The Samples Have Arrived!

One Bag Of Sample Goodness

One Bag Of Sample Goodness

So after work  I came home to find a sweet package from DHL sitting at the door.  Sure enough the samples have arrived from one of the manufacturers.   I was suprised by how quick they got here!

I think it ended up being a good idea to order those other items as well, because they are actually pretty cool.  I’m really hoping at some point in the future we can add them into the site because it’ll expand the product base and be alot easier to ship than my original product idea.

Also the manufacturer included a catalog of all of the products they make which is REALLY interesting because there is a ton of stuff here he never mentioned on Skype.

Now what is important here is to really put your product through the ringer.  Beat the heck out of it and really put it through its paces.  The last thing you want to deal with is people complaining and wanting a refund because of a poor quality product.  If you can I’d recommend giving it to as many friends & family members are you can and asking for their real feedback on it.  If you get some negative responses or the quality is poor, move on to a different manufacturer or a whole different product all together.   It’ll save you a big headache in the long run if you make sure you sell good quality merchandise.

Here are some shots of the package, I’m off to go play around with this stuff and see how it holds up quality wise.

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