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The 10 Minute WalMart Stand Up Desk

For the past few months I’ve heard a lot about going with a stand up desk but with a price tag of $300 – $800+ for a decent desk I want to really make sure it’s something I’ll like before dropping that kind of cash on it.   So instead of having an 800 dollar  unused desk in my office, I wanted to put together a cheapy version to try out for a couple weeks before making the jump.   I saw the plans for an IKEA version online but since there are no IKEAs around here so ended up strolling over to Wal-Mart to see what the IKEA-Less people can do out there.

After perusing the aisles for a half hour trying to find everything, here’s what I was able to come up with.   The good news is it’s only 3 items you need to buy (4 if you don’t own a phillips head screwdriver).

Item #1 – Parson End Table ($18.00)
You can see the table above, it comes in 3 different colors, I grabbed the black one.   You can find it in the furniture section by all the desk, chairs, and assorted goodness.

Item #2 – ClosetMaid  2pc Shelf Kit ($18.97)
All you’ll be using out of here is one of the shelves, I found them over in a home goods section with some other types of plastic shelving.  There’s a 2nd shelf included so if you want to talk a friend into chipping in for one of his own stand up desks you guys can split this item.

Item #3 – 4-Inc Corner Braces (4.95)
This package comes with 4 braces, it’s found in the hardware section.  It’s all they had, so again you’ll have 2 extra braces if you want to build a second desk.   Maybe you could make one for your co-worker so you don’t look like the odd man out standing up in your office all day.

I got home grabbed my screwdriver and went to work.  The good news it takes all of about 5 minutes to put the whole thing together.  First thing you do is simply screw the legs into the table.  After that hold one of the shelves up to the legs of the table and mark where you want to mount the brackets.  Go ahead and screw the brackets into the shelving at the marked spots.

Now go put the table on your desk and then measure out how high you want to put the shelf.  You’ll want the shelf to be high enough so your arms are at a 90 degree angle when typing.     After that screw the shelf with the brackets into the legs of the table at the proper height for you.

stand up desk bracket

Brackets used for making your own stand up desk


Wha-lah!  Stand up desk ready to rock and roll!   I’ve only used it for a day so far and it’s a pretty big change.  Keep in mind I’ve been working 8 – 12 hour days sitting in a chair for the past 10 years so this is going to take a little getting used to.  I’ll definitely make another post in a couple weeks with a full update on everything.

standup desk up on table

standup desk up on table

If any of you end up making the WalMart standup desk I’d love to hear your thoughts and input on it.  Also if anyone out there uses or has used a stand up desk in the past and have some tips on how best to transition over to the stand up world please post them!

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