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What’s In The Tim Ferriss $5k Holiday Megabox?

The Tim Ferriss Mystery Box

The Tim Ferriss Mystery Box

Who knows but we’ll soon find out.  I went ahead and bit the bullet on the box so stay tuned.

I figure over the years the nuggets of info I’ve pulled from the 4-hour ww book and 4-hour body have paid off in multiples of $5,000.  So figured let’s go for it, from the looks of it his other quarterly boxes always have a great value so this one should too… In theory. =]

If you’re interested in getting the box too you can sign up at – if you’re not willing to roll the dice on the 5k mystery box there are great $100/mo boxes that include a variety of killer things.

Either way check back in a month or so to see if I just grabbed a $5k lump of coal or some killer loot!

9 Comments What’s In The Tim Ferriss $5k Holiday Megabox?

    1. Dave B

      Hy Ian, yeah mine already showed up, 1 giant box and one wooden crate. You should have received some tracking info from Quarterly in your email.

      I’ll post some pics of whats inside when I pop this puppy open on the 25th, had a ton of people asking what is inside.

  1. Dave B

    Hey guys, will post up a little unboxing post in the next couple days. Got tied up with the holidays and everything.

    The box was pretty massive, some people will probably love it, some probably wont. I’ll put the breakdown up as soon as I have some time to put it all in a post.


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