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YCombinator S2005 Startups

ClickFacts ClickFacts is a Malware solution provider for buyers and sellers of online media.  They offer you the ability to protect your company’s reputation, as some advertisers don’t monitor as they should and allow malware through to be displayed on YOUR site. They will monitor, track and make recommendations for the ads you are serving.


RIP  Kiko was a web calendar for anyone who wanted to keep and share a calendar online.  It had all the features you needed, events, reminders, tasks, as well as some other unique features.  (No longer exists)



RIP   Loopt was a social service which connected people to their community. Like so many other social sites, this one too did not last long. (No longer exists)



reddit  Reddit is a social news website that was launched in 2005. They display news based on your personal preferences and community likes. The most popular news is always on top, so you don’t need to worry about reading “fluff”.



textpayme  TextPayMe was an SMS payment service which allowed you to send money to other people by sending them a simple text message from your phone. They were founded in 2005, and later on were bought out by Amazon Payments.

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