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YCombinator S2006 Startups

RIP  JamGlue was an online community where you could listen to or mix music from your own personal library, or from user-contributed music. (Site no longer exists.)



RIP  JumpChat was a platform which aimed to bridge mobile text messages, e-mail and IM communication without needing to download anything. Users were able to send mass messages to any medium and JumpChat would send it to the proper platform the receiver signed up with. (No longer exists)



RIP  LikeBetter was an online personality test game. You would look at two photos and choose the one you “like better”. You would then after a series of these questions have your personality revealed to you, and see what percentage of people chose the same or other photo.  (No longer Exists)



OMGPOP  OMGPOP (formerly known as “iminlikewithyou”) is a developer and publisher of multiplayer, social and mobile games. They have developed games such as “pool”, “draw my thing”, “tonk” and many more. All their games showcased are free to play and download.



RIP  PollGround was a social polling site. They allowed users to quickly and easily create surveys and allow the “wisdom of the crowd” to answer your questions. Questions and comments could be posted anonymously as well. (No longer exists)



scribd  Scribd is a leading social reading and publishing website. They allow users to post anything under the sun from articles, tutorials, reviews, walktrhoughs and more. The cool thing about Scribd is that viewers cannot easily copy your hard work.  Having protected work is only one of the many benefits they offer, check them out to see more.



RIP  Shoutfit was a “fashion related community”. They offered all the same things as any social network, but were focused on the fashion industry, designers, and fashion “aficionados”.   (No longer exists)



RIP  Talkito   was a service which enabled users to meet and chat when they visit the same website. No installation was necessary, and you could chat in real time with any visitor to the same site with a user name or anonymously.   (No longer exists)



RIP  Thinkature was an online environment that allowed users to collaborate on a virtual whiteboard. Users could chat, share pictures, and draw diagrams on a shared whiteboard. (Think Moodle). No longer exists.



Xobni  Xobni (which is really just the word inbox spelled backwards) makes your inbox and address book smarter. It shows you how many contacts you have had with a specific person, allows you to search those contacts, helps filter out spam, helps save messages from spam based on factors you set, and even scrapes the web for their social profiles.

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