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YCombinator S2008 Startups

anyvite  Anyvite is a free site which allows anyone to quickly and easily create event invitations. Whether it’s for a school event, charity ball, sporting event or even a birthday party, Anyvite will allow you to make an amazing, eye-catching invitation in no time at all. Best of all, it’s always FREE.



co2stats  CO2Stats aims to help website owners to understand the electricity usage and related carbon emissions associated with their site usage. They then help site owners to better manage their carbon footprint. Everyone likes helping the environment, now you can proudly show off that your site is “green”.



contestmachine  ContestMachine is a unique web service that allows users to make and run web promotions from any website a breeze. Increase customer loyalty, get some more social traction, and get your site noticed with monthly giveaways. Starting at just $10 a month, it really is a good deal.


frogmetrics  Frogmetrics offered touchscreen platforms for effortless data collection. What better way to collect data than to have touchscreens to make for more engaging experience.  (Site is currently down for maintenance.)



RIP  ididwork was an online tool that allowed employees to keep track of the work that they do over time. (Website no longer exists)



RIP  MeetCast was a browser-based software which provided a host of features which were critical to having effective real-time interaction. These features included document sharing, interactive whiteboad, real-time text editing and screensharing. (No longer exists)


polleverywhere  PollEverywhere aims to be the best way to create stylish, real-time experiences for events by using mobile devices.  Quickly and easily create polls which users can participate in by sending a quick text message directly from their phone. You will see the results in real time, and be able to give your users the satisfaction of having a say.



RIP  Scoopler was a real-time music search engine which scoured the web to help bring together music lovers with their favorite music quickly and easily. (No longer exists).



startuply  Startuply is a service which connects startup companies to people looking for jobs in startup companies. You can find jobs at the world’s best angel and venture- backed web, media, and technology companies. Got a startup? Post a job. Looking to work for a startup? Apply now!

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