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YCombinator S2009 Startups

bump  Bump Technologies helps to build mobile applications. Their current project lets you quickly and easily transfer files from your computer to your phone, and vice versa. You simply select the files you want to transfer, “bump” your device on the spacebar and PRESTO! Files transferred.



carwoo  CarWoo! Is an up and coming new-car buying service and market place.  They offer you a quick and easy way to get all the best price deals guaranteed, without needing to visit all the dealers in person. Just enter your location, budget, kind of car, and CarWoo! will start sending deals directly to you.



directededge Directed Edge delivers an Amazon-like service which integrates into your site and allows users to get recommendations on other items people have bought from your site. Some example messages are “People who bought this also bought…” and “We think you’d also like…”. It extrapolates all purchase data so you can see histories and trends as well.



fanchatterFanChatter offers a mobile and social fan engagement solution. Their goal is to help sports franchises and other businesses create real-time content sharing for their fan base and increase their profits. Their clients say they have a higher retention rate and better sales since using the service.



highlightcam  HighlightCam offers you the ability to create amazing movies right from your iOS or Android device quickly, easily, and automatically.  They allow you to take clips, and the app will automatically select the best parts and splice them together so you don’t have to. You can then easily share your creations to youtube, facebook, twitter and more.



instantq InstantQ was a service which allowed restaurants to fill tables by varying their prices to increase demand. (The website no longer exists)




JobSpice  JobSpice is an innovative, easy to use online tool which helps you to create your resume in no time at all. You simply sign up, plug in your data, and you can have a professional looking resume in no time at all. You can also import your linkedIn account and have an “instant” resume without needing to enter anything else.



listia  Listia is a service which launched in August of 2009 which is the “eBay” for free stuff. If you have stuff lying around you don’t use, you can get rid of it and earn credits which can then be used to get other great stuff. You get 1,000 credits for free when you sign up using your Facebook account.



lockitron  Lockitron is a new service that has designed an application which allows                for keyless entry to your home using your phone. When you download the app you can have peace of mind that you will never need to worry about locking your door again. You can lock and unlock your door from anywhere in the world. Arms full of groceries? Double tap the app and stop fumbling for keys.



meetingmix MeetingMix was an innovative tool to save time when it comes to writing your agenda and minutes. (Site no longer exists).



mixpanel Mixpanel is a new, robust advanced analytics service that helps to improve web and mobile applications by tracking how users interact and engage with them.  You’ll be able to see in real-time how your users interact and see which areas you need to improve in. Some of their current clients include: HipMunk,, TaskRabbit, AirBnB, and Jawbone.



olark  Olark is a lightweight tool to chat with visitors to your website, which you can integrate with your existing instant messaging client. You can have LiveChat across multiple sites at the same time, and can even use your cell phone to pick up chats on the go. Some current clients include: HipMunk, 99Designs, KnowledgeTree, Squarespace, Disqus, and Flor.



renthop  RentHop is a new search service, which allows you to browse NYC apartments by Listings and Location. You can find apartments online, and even get in touch with Landlords directly if you have any questions. Narrow your search by square footage, price, and more.



rethinkdb RethinkDB is an open-source distributed database built with you in mind. It is designed to be extremely fast, and implements powerful features which make cumbersome and inefficient rotational storage a breeze.



RIP  Tuxebo was a service that helped to connect people looking for things to rent, with local rental companies.                 (No longer exists).



RIP  WakeMate was a maker of personalized alarm clocks which sync with a user’s body and cell phone, enabling the iPhone alarm system to sound at the end of a REM cycle. (No longer exists)



wepay  WePay is an online payment distribution service which helps small businesses and crowd funding platforms collect payments quickly and easily. You can be up and running within minutes and start taking credit cards and bank payments almost instantly.

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