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YCombinator W2010 Startups

RIP  InboxQ was a browser extension that helped to deliver a a persistent stream of questions from Twitter directly to you while you are browsing. (No longer exists)



RIP    Browsarity was a browser application that helped allow its users to donate to charity while shopping online. (The website was taken over by a Japanese Real Estate Company)




chroma  ChromaOm wants to help the entire world find their color enlightenment. They believe that choosing a color shouldn’t be a “black and white” process, and that just about anyone can discover their own personal color enlightenment from within themselves.



crocodoc   Crocodoc is the trusted leader when it comes to HTML5 document viewing.  This tool allows you to embed documents right into your web or mobile application. You simply upload your document (Microsoft office or PDF) and crocodoc gets to work and converts it to HTML 5 on the fly.



cue   Cue is an innovative application you can download to your phone that lets you schedule your day with little reminders and a scrollable list of everything you have on the go. It was inspired by cue cards and this app is just as easy to use.



Embedly   Embedly is a robust, feature rich platform of tools which help to make embedding and previewing links easy, efficient, and fast.  It is the easiest way for you to embed photos, videos and other rich media directly into websites. It also has a built in extractor to make it easier to extract items to embed.



RIP    Embedster was a new tool that allowed bloggers to quickly and easily serve an ad for any Youtube they would display on their site. (The site no longer exists)



Fabricly                Fabricly is a site where designers can sell directly to the public. It is an excellent way for aspiring designers to get their designs out there. Whether you are just starting out as a designer or you’re already selling online, Fabricly will help you get the exposure your designs deserve.



RIP  Gamador wasa social game developer which released three games before closing its doors for good.  (They designed and developed Farkle 2)



infoharmoni Infoharmoni was a data visualization startup founded by Kovas Boguta. It was meant to help you organize your data in a better way. (Website no longer exists)



launchhear  LaunchHear is an innovative way to bloggers to get early review copies of hot new products.  If you have a popular blog, and lots of reach, you can sign up and apply to get some of the hottest new games, movies, books, and toys before they are released to the public so you can write a review on them.



nowbox  NowMov (known as NowBox) was an endless stream of videos recommended to users based on their interests, what their friends were watching, and what is trending around the globe. They are shutting down to pursue other opportunities.



optimizelu   Optimizely is a simple, fast and powerful split testing system you can use to do split A/B testing of landing pages and website designs to see which ones convert more, or are better for your users. You will be able to see in real time which design/landing page works the best, and which you can discard.



ownlocal  OwnLocal (previous known as Seeing Interactive) provides web-based software to local newspapers and gives them a white-label service to help them sell online ads and services to local businesses.  They aim to help increase profits and exposure by bringing offline print online opportunities.



homejoy  Pathjoy offers professional cleaning service for just $20 an hour. They will do all the things most cleaning companies won’t such as cabinets, walls, cupboards, ovens and refrigerators. All their staff are bonded and insured and their clients are always sparkly and happy.



RIP    Tweetflow was a service that was meant to be intertwined with twitter to help you keep on top of all your favorite things. (Website no longer exists)



zenedy    Zenedy is a new site that proposes to help you learn something new every day. They have new articles written daily about topics discovered from all over the web. Everything from science, politics, nature or any other topic can be found here.



140fire    140Fire is a new platform which aims to make online video ads interactive.  They make video ads which engage the user and have higher conversions than normal ads. For example, they have a Burger King ad at the end where it asks your favorite Burger and invites you to find the Burger King closest to you.



500Friends  500Friends provides retailers a valuable loyalty platform to help acquire and retain high value consumers.  They guide retailers through all the steps to making memorable, profitable, and unique loyalty programs.

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