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YCombinator W2006 Startups

clustix  Clustrix is a service which offers NewSQL with absolutely no limits. They are specifically tailoring their service to developers and websites that need high performance with multiple and massive transaction or request volumes.  They also offer you real-time monitoring and stats, so you always know what’s going on with your database.



RIP  Flagr was a service which enabled users to share places. It allowed people to add photos, video and descriptions from their mobile phone while they were traveling. (Site no longer exists)



inklingmarkets   Inkling provides a robust platform for companies to be able to run their own internal or external prediction marketplaces. It’s a data crunching machine. You input the data and Inkling does the rest.  You can monitor things like productivity, sick time, vacations, and overall costs over time.



snipshot Snipshot is an online photo editing website that allows you to start editing any photo with one click of “bookmarklet”. You can add special effects, crop, rotate, and change colors for any photo you upload quickly and easily. While it isn’t free, their prices are affordable.



wufoo  Wufoo offers a unique, feature rich HTML form builder which helps users to create online web forms. You can use their web form creator to power your contact forms, online surveys, and event registrations. They have a free version available, but their premium services offer more.



RIP  YouOS offered a platform for developers to be able to create and distribute applications that live in a “browser-based” desktop environment. The website no longer exists.

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