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Startup Accelerators

YCombinator W2007 Startups

auctomatic  Actomatic (a YCombinator company) offered an auction and marketplace management system for all individual sellers on sites such as eBay, Amazon, Overstock and others. They aimed to make it easy to manage your multiple stores and items across platforms. They were acquired by Live Current Media.



buxfer  Buxfer offers the next-generation of personal finance management, right from your browser. Track your expenses and income in real time via their website, or while on the go from your mobile phone. They track your information, show trending, and give tips on how you can tighten your belt and save more.



octopart  Ocotpart offers a verticle search engine focused specifically on the automotive industry. They saw a lack of features and search parameters on traditional search engines, and have focused theirs to offer better results by honing in on the industry. They are connecting buyers and sellers of automotive parts one lug nut at a time.



Parakey  Parakey was founded in early 2006 by Blake Ross and Joe Hewitt (of Mozilla/Firefox fame). Parakey offers their users not only the ability to find and search for homes, but to actually COMPARE homes. You can compare things like square footage, interior and exterior features, and even taxes all from the comfort of your home. Once you find a suitable match they will even pair you with an expert realtor to help you through the process.



RIP  Socialmoth was a community to help post your thoughts anonymously, no matter what they may be. Got a conspiracy theory? Post it. Like to wear clown shoes? Post it. Like to feed chocolate pudding and dance with cats? Post it. 100% anonymously. (No longer exists)



tsumbi  Mobile applications have so far been a nightmare to implement. Tsumobi plans to put a change to all that. Nobody knows exactly how though, they are in stealth mode for their BETA. They have an opt-in form on their site so you can keep up to date.



virtualmin  Virtualmin is taking the lack of innovation in server admin programs (like plesk), by making a more accessible version for pages managed by the non-technical crowd. Their aim is to make is fast, easy, and efficient for anyone to manage their servers, even if they aren’t web gurus.  They aim to do this for free, but donations are gladly accepted.



weeblyWeebly is an AJAX website creator that allows you to create a website in no time at all. They have a WYSIWYG editor and pre-designed templates and content widgets that make designing a breeze. Best of all, it’s free to use, and you get your own (dot)weebly domain. So, try your hand at designing a page today. If you decide you like it, plans start at only $10 per month.



RIP  Whitenoise was a social network for the music industry. They had all the bells and whistles and were specifically designed with the music industry in mind. Whether you were a singer, drummer, a band or an agent, you could find people to connect to. (no longer exists)



RIP   Writewith was a collaborative writing web application, which allows you to easily flow through the steps of writing, editing and publishing a document with a group. This was especially targeted to research groups, and even theatre groups. (website no longer exists)

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