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YCombinator W2008 Startups

addmired  Addmired is an up and coming Software Design Company, located in Palo Alto, California which focuses on creating innovate, new and engaging applications and games for users of social networks and mobile devices.  (They were merged with MachineZone and developed the Game of War Saga)



Chatterous Chatterous is a new communications service which aims to allow groups of friends to stay in contact with each other synchronously through any communication channel, be it phone, IM, or e-mail.  It can easily integrate with all existing chat and IM (for example GTalk) so you can keep in touch with people who are only using cell phones for example.



RIPDeluux aimed to become a distributed Facebook, or an inverted Ning, by relocating the center of people’s online identities to their websites, which would exist outside of any social network. This would allow for greater customization. (Interesting idea, however, no longer exists).



fathomdb FathomDB offers databases as a service. They take care of the many day to day tasks that database administrators have to deal with so you can focus more on building your website, expanding your business or other more complex things. They have not launched yet, but have a form you can fill out to be notified when they do.



insoshiInoshi is an open-source networking platform.  Now anyone can quickly and easily create their own social website. Whether you want to make a place for your friends or want to go full blown and rival Facebook, Insoshi has the framework you need to get started.



RIP  Joberator was a service designed to help employers find developer talent by encouraging computer science students to refer their developer friends. The site and service no longer exist. (It was a Facebook application)



RIP  MightyQuiz powered a collection of user generated quiz questions that can be rated on the site, or shared through a distributable widget on their own blogs, websites, or social profiles. MightyQuiz is no more, the website and service no longer exist.



ninite  Ninite is the easiest, quickest way to update or install software. This tiny program will download and install programs automatically in the background, while you continue on other tasks.  Currently it supports about 100 applications (like instant messengers and updates) but they are always adding more to their selection all the time.



rescuetime RescueTime is an innovative web-based application that is a robust time management tool. It will help keep track of what you do and for how long you do it for when you are on your computer.    It will monitor everything in the background and give you a detailed report, and even add suggestions on how you can better manage your time.



webmynd  Webmynd has now joined forces with to help make it fast and easy to create extensions for browsers and mobile apps. By helping to utilize one codebase you will find you can design and launch new extensions and apps in no time at all. You can literally create and launch and extension or application in half the time it normally takes.



yumdots  Yumdots was supposed to be the “go-to” mobile application for finding places to eat when you are out on the town. The website and service no longer exists, and even redirects to a virus….

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